Your Diet Will Fail If You Don’t Ask Yourself These 7 Questions First

5. Are you willing to plan ahead?

Weight loss and dieting become easier when you plan ahead.

On Saturday morning, make a list of the meals and snacks you want to eat in the coming week. Then list out the groceries you need to buy to make those meals happen. You can spend part of your Sunday preparing as much food in advance as possible. You could also take meal prep one day at a time.

6. Will your friends and family join in or interfere?

Dieting becomes challenging when we're the only ones doing it.

Unsupportive surroundings make healthy eating and weight loss more difficult — but not impossible. Daily Burn suggests just doing your own thing when your family resists your lifestyle changes — even though it isn’t easy. You can model healthy eating behaviors and stick to your diet whether your household, co-workers, or friends follow your lead or not. It’s your body — if you want to feed it salad for lunch, that’s no one else’s problem.

7. What are you going to do after you reach your goal?

Many diets are unsuccessful because people don't stick to their new habits.

Once you reach your goal weight or turn a goal into a habit — celebrate! (Not by eating cake!) Then simply continue healthy eating and regular exercise as usual, unless you’ve really cut back on calories during weight loss. suggests increasing your calorie intake if you’re still losing weight after the fact — you don’t want to lose too much. If you’ve done your diet right, you’ll have a pretty good idea of which strategies will work best to keep you feeling motivated and satisfied for many years to come.

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