Why You Should Think Twice Before Shaving Your Dog

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In this post, you may realize one thing that our mistake can be your valuable lesson.
Perhaps, you think you want to shave your dog for the summer so he has an easy way to cool and relax when you go out, but that would never happen. It only makes something bad to your dog. After shaving, your dog becomes less tolerant of heat. Even ten years later, his body will not able to recover his coat.
If your dog has a sleek, shiny and beautiful coat, shaving his coat means you are creating permanent damage. It becomes frizzy and coarse that takes many hours to manage. Shaving his coat means you make him has to deal with the horrible grooming sessions in his lifetime, as well.
It sounds a good idea to shave your dog for the summer. But, it goes beyond your expectation. So, don’t do this mistake.
The Lessons Before Shaving Your Dog

The Lessons Before Shaving Your Dog

It is important to know that the kind of coat your dog is the key whether you have to shave your dog or not. In fact, you must not shave double coated dogs. Shaving the double coated dog does not help him cool. It is really a big mistake.
For single coated breeds like Poodles, they still able to get their fur shaved or clipped down to the skin. Therefore, it can grow back as before. But, that is not going to happen for the double coated breeds.

Do Not Shave Double Coated Dogs. Here Is Why

The first thing before shaving your dog is to know the kind of coat on your dog. Is it a single? Or, is it a double?
Double coated breeds mean your dog has two layers of fur. The top layer is from the tough guard hairs and the bottom layer is the thick layer of the fur, known as the undercoat. The undercoat is the layer for the fine hairs that are close to his skin. It works to keep him cool but warm in the winter. In the spring, the dog is able to do the major shedding period, called as blowing their coat. What he does is releasing the undercoat so they have the lighter coat for the summer. Commonly, double coated breeds are Chows, Huskies, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and And Pomeranian. In addition, most herding breeds are double coat including the Spitz-type breeds and most of Terriers.
If you shave the double coated dog, you damage his fur permanently. It does not help him cool in the summer. You only shave the double coated dog for some extreme conditions like skin problems, or matting problems.
Do Not Shave Double Coated Dogs. Here Is Why

Shaving Will Not Help

The reason I shaved my dog was to help keep him cool in the summer. It didn’t, in fact, it made him even less tolerant to the heat. Your dogs coat serves as natural insulation from both hot and cold weather. The hot sun will warm your dog up more if they don’t have that layer of insulation protecting them.
When the coat does grow back it produces a thicker undercoat with a mix of short guard hairs. This new coat is thicker and softer than the old coat. Why is this bad? A dog’s shaved down false coat acts as a sweatshirt. Its softness soaks up the water and attracts burrs and hitchhikers. The thickness of the coat is extremely hot in summer. – Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Why Shaving Your Dog Will Bring Other Problems

Here are the potential risks that will come out after shaving your dog:

#1 Sunburn and Skin Cancer Risks

The function of the top layer is to protect your dog against the harmful rays and the bug bites. Shaving your dog means you are removing his shield or opening the gate for sunburn and skin cancer to attack your dog.

#2 Permanent Damage On His Fur

The top guard coat cannot grow back, especially for the older dog. The undercoat can grow but not for the guard hairs. He looks dull with his patchy and frizzy coat. Your dog cannot groom naturally. His undercoat becomes frizzy, wild, and unruly like harsh wool.

#3 Allergies

Shaving your dog cannot deal with allergies. The dander on his skin and fur is the causes of pet allergies, not the fur. Dander is the collection of the dead skin cells that stay in the undercoat of the double coated dogs. Once you shave your dog, you are exposing yourself to become more irritants.

#4 It Does Not Solve Shedding

Well, doing this does not reduce shedding. The dog will still shed and his shorter hair is still shedding, even more.
Why Shaving Your Dog Will Bring Other Problems

So, Please Don’t Shave Your Double Coated Dog

Again and again, shaving the double coated dog will never become the best solution to cool him down. It is not the best solution to decrease shedding. It does not remove allergies and it will only create coat damages. PERMANENTLY.
It sounds logical to shave your dog in the summer to keep them cool. Still many of us assume that it is all about a nice summer when we shave our dog. Besides, it is easy to do. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine that doing this will only harm your dog. Therefore, we highlight here that you must think twice before you are shaving your dog. We just do not want you to do the same mistake as what we have done.
The last point you should know is that the double coated breed always has their outer layer of fur that will play an important role. It is like the heating and cooling system in your dog. It is a cool and natural system that will do the best to keep him cool and warm in any season. We just do not hope you do something bad to your dog just because you assume that it is good to do. You can even talk to your vet and discuss more shaving your dog if you do not know about the kind of dog you have.
So, Please Don’t Shave Your Double Coated Dog