What’ll Happen To Your Body If You Lifted Up Your Legs for 20 Minutes Every Day

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We’ve gotten used to living at full speed and staying in constant motion. That’s why today, many people highly appreciate effective exercises that don’t require much effort and time. For example, we’ve found an exercise that will help you shake off tiredness and dramatically improve your mood in just 20 minutes a day.

We’ve realized the effectiveness of this exercise and learned out how to receive as many benefits from it as possible.

Lift up your legs correctly.

Changes That Could Happen to Your Body If You Lifted Up Your Legs for 20 Minutes Every Day

  1. Pick a comfortable position near a wall and put a pillow or a soft roller under your lower back.
  2. Lift up your legs and stretch them along the wall. Your hands should be relaxed down by the sides of your body.
  3. Stay in this position for 15-20 minutes.

It is important that your clothes don’t block or interfere with blood circulation. Choose to wear the most comfortable loose clothes without waistbands. Obviously, lying motionless on the floor for 20 minutes doesn’t sound like regular exercise. It’s more like yoga or a relaxation technique. Nevertheless, this pastime has a lot of benefits to the circulatory system.

The only limitation to this exercise is a recent or chronic injury of the legs or spine. Additionally, many beginners seem to make the following mistakes: lying down too far from a wall or too closely to it, or putting too soft a roller under the neck. Such actions can lead to muscle tension and can interfere with the leveling of the spine. If you do such leg lifts on a regular basis, very soon you’ll feel a lot of pleasant changes.

1. The feeling of heaviness in your legs will disappear.

Changes That Could Happen to Your Body If You Lifted Up Your Legs for 20 Minutes Every Day

The feeling of swelling and heaviness in the legs is connected with poor blood circulation. Among other reasons, this could be caused by a heart or kidney malfunction, excess weight, or an unhealthy diet. Certainly, you need to determine the reason for the swelling and treat it. But this exercise might become a very good addition to the main treatment since the lifting of the legs contributes to improvement in blood circulation.

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