What To Do If Your Dog Is Bored With Their Toys

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Just like humans, dogs are possible to get bored with their stuff. According to researchers tested dogs a few years ago, they found that dogs with new and old items, they tend to go with the new one.
So, it is normal if your dog gets bored with their toys. It is something natural that happens to us too. At this point, what can you do to return their interest in their toys? Here are the simple ways to help. Here are the best ways to do to keep your dogs from getting bored with their own toys.
Rotate Your Dog’s Toys
Rotate Your Dog’s Toys
We are sure that you can even see their excitement on their face when you come home with the new toy but that excitement cannot go as long as you expect. Perhaps your dogs only play it for five to ten minutes and then you need to purchase new toys the next day.
If you want to make your dogs get excited about their toys as the first time you provided it to them, it is simple. To start, try putting it away for a week or two and then present it to them. They have not seen the toys for a couple weeks so they are going to miss the toys.
If your dogs have a lot of toys that more than they could use every day, they may play one, move to the next and next. It is a real matter since they do not stop to play with any of the toys. They just confused which ones to use. They have too many options they even cannot decide to pick one.
What should you do is to rotate their toys for every week or a couple of days. You can give them access for three to five toys per week and then leave the rest in the toy box. Switch their toys every week and you will see that they get excited.
What if your dog has a favorite toy? Well, it does not a matter. You can leave that one in rotation. Some dogs do not get bored with one toy and the rotation technique works best to keep your dogs excited about the toys they get bored with. Therefore, it is not necessary to do the rotation technique for any toys your dogs never get bored to play them all the time.
Also, it is important to note that the rotation technique does not mean that it is all about the toys are the things your dogs can play with that week. It is all about toys you are comfortable giving them access to at all times. For example, it is okay to keep puzzle or tug toys out of their reach even though they get used every day.
Make Dog’s Toys Interactive
Make Dog’s Toys Interactive
It is reasonable if your dogs are bored with their toys and thinking about the ways to make the toys are more interactive so they need your help. In fact, you can use the toys for a game of fetch, a tug, or something you can add yummy treats in it.
It is all about finding the ways to make the toys your dog finds boring are more engaging and interesting. It can be through human interaction like a game of fetch or yummy treat like stuffing a Kong.
If they get bored with their ball, for example, you can pick up the ball and start bouncing it around while watching your dog whether this way can make them excited. That is the part of a strategy to teach your dog to catch. In addition, you can play puppy in the middle with your friend to make your dog interested in the ball you two are tossing around.
In case your dog has chew toy and he never touches it anymore, you can put a dab of peanut butter on it and then you can encourage your dog to use it. Pick up the stuffed toy that has been sitting on the ground for a few days and then invites your dog to do a quick game of tug. Stuff some delicious treats in that Kong.
Know Dog’s Toy Preferences
Know Dog’s Toy Preferences
It is important to know that not all toys are designed equally when it is all about how to entertain your dogs. In fact, some dogs love to have chew toys while others think that chew toys are dull. Some dogs love any toys that bounce while others may love stuffed animals. In addition, some dogs are excited about toys that can make noise while others ignore those toys.
At this point, it is important to figure out what toys your dog loves most and which ones they may think the toys are boring. When it comes to getting your dog the new toys, think about his interest so he can play the toys for more than five minutes.
Do you think your dogs love anything that can squeak? Do you think your dogs love something smells like food? Do you think that your dogs have a big obsession with anything that is stuffing? Do you think that a chew toy can keep your dog busy for many hours? Do you think your dogs love any toys that bounce?
It is better to ask a lot of question to your own instead of buying ten different chew toys and finally your dog only wants to play one. It should not happen to you and it is embarrassing that choosing the toys take you so long and in the end, your dog only loves a single toy. Therefore, if you are about purchasing a new toy, make sure that it is going to keep your dogs interest in it.
The next important point about choosing toys for your dog is focusing on the quality, not the quantity. You should find the best technique on how to make the old toys feel like new. You should also find any ways to keep your dog excited about the toy.
Do you think that your dog gets bored with the toys? What do you do to keep them excited about the toys?
Know Dog’s Toy Preferences