What To Do If You Are Allergic To Cats But You Love Them

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There are two common reasons why people avoid cats. First, they fear this cute creature and second, they dislike them. Of course, some people hope to have a cat but they cannot bear the allergic reactions. Well, it depends on the nature of the allergies itself if it is all about this matter. If you have cat allergies such as sneezing with watery eyes and the running nose, it is still possible to build your tolerance for this cute animal.
Nevertheless, before finding a new cat, it is crucial to do allergy testing at the very first place especially if the allergic reaction is asthma. There are 30 to 40% of children and young adults cannot deal with asthma as an allergic reaction to animal dander, especially cats. Here, we provide you with the steps to control your allergy symptoms and enjoy the lifelong companionship of your cat.
Indeed, there is still a hope to adopt a cat even though your body always shows the allergic reaction. But, you should not immediately adopt the cat you want. Of course, there is a slow and gradual process to follow. It is like dipping your toe into the water, at first. Take this challenge slowly in the name of your health.
Please note that the information in this post is only for educational purpose. You should not use this post to ignore getting personal care from the licensed physician. We still recommend you to see your physician to get the best treatment and diagnosis about the symptoms and the medical condition you experienced.
Remove Other Allergens At Home

#1 Remove Other Allergens At Home

It is awesome to give your cat a playing field. But, the first thing to do is to remove any other allergens at homes such as mold, dust, and mites. The airborne allergens including cat dander can cling to the soft material like drapes, curtains, rugs, carpeting, and fabric-covered furniture. You should use window coverings, instead of blinds. If you rent and you have no permission to switch them, you should wash the curtains and use the hand vacuums for the drapes.
It is also good to consider replacing the wall-to-wall carpeting with tile or wood floors. If it is impossible, you should vacuum the carpeting thoroughly on the regular basis.
In addition, remove the decorative scented candles, plug-in air fresheners, and potpourri. These are notorious for the allergy symptoms.

#2  Medication

When you have to deal with a cat allergy, of course, the medication is the first to consider. There are some over-the-counter or the prescribed medications to take. In addition, there are natural remedies like BioAllers or a series of allergy shots like immunotherapy. Investigate all possible medications and make sure that you always check your own health to the personal physician or allergist before doing any new treatment.

#3 Hang Out With Your Friends

Do this and soon you will be able to let your hands on a cat. You can talk to your friends or co-workers about their cat and here, you must be selective to choose where to start. For example, we recommend you to choose a friend who has two cats and hang out.
The goal is to make close and personal feel to a cat but still on a limited basis. You can ask your hostess to choose the time when the cat has been fed so that the cat can relax and feel comfortable. If you two are good friends, it is good to ask them to use the allergy relief spray or wipes on the cat to support you.
Before arranging the time, you should have used your allergy medication. The medication works for half an hour before the hang out time. Try to dangle your hand, rub the cat, and go ahead to pet him. If you still cannot control your allergies, you should let the cat jump onto your lap. Besides, you should limit the first visit to 10 or 15 minutes based on the level of your comfort.
In the next week, you can try for doing the same with the same cat and stay up to half an hour. After that, you can visit other friends with cats gradually.
Hang Out With Your Friends

#4 Enjoy The Major Cat Show

So far, you have encouraged yourself to meet cats on the individual basis. Now, you should go a little further such as attending the cat show. There are some breed clubs available to show the highlight of their breeds. Enjoy the special shows and if all goes well as you expect, you can visit the larger all-breed shows to do a little comparison to other breeds of the cats. Here, you should still use the usual medications before your visit and if you think that your allergy symptoms are coming, get out of the building immediately. On the other hands, if everything looks great and well, it is the best time to plan for getting the first cat.

#5 Visit Local Animal Shelter

At this point, we assume that everything is well with the previous steps. Now, you can build up your resistance through the gradual exposure with the prescribed medications or natural remedies that are still on your hands. We think this is the final step to take before adopting a cat.
Before getting going, dress comfortably and take your medication first. Spend for an hour or so at the animal shelter. Take a few cats and bring them into the private room. If possible, spend a little time with each of them. It is interesting to know that cats are able to choose their humans. So, make sure that the way each cat acts to you will be your guide to decide your choice.
It is also possible if you cannot find the perfect cat on the first visit to the shelter. Therefore, you may have to go back and forth several times. It does not a matter to do this as long as you are comfortable with your choice in the end.  Make sure that you have prepared everything at home to welcome the cat. Once you have found the right choice, talk to the personnel and tell them about your allergies whether they allow you to return the cat or not when you cannot control the allergies.
Visit Local Animal Shelter