What Might Happen to the Skin if You Only Wash Your Face Once a Day

What Might Happen to the Skin if You Only Wash Your Face Once a Day

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What Might Happen to the Skin if You Only Wash Your Face Once a Day

Salma Hayek believes that the secret to her flawless skin is to never wash it in the morning. The 54-year-old actress says that after a good night’s sleep, your skin has the perfect pH balance, and just rinsing it and applying some cream should be enough. When the beauty industry produces skincare products for absolutely every skin type and concern, it’s rather surprising that taking a step back and resetting your beauty routine might bring such amazing results.

We at FineFinders believe that when it comes to taking care of your skin, less is more. And we decided to find out the benefits of Salma Hayek’s low maintenance beauty routine.

1. Your skin may become less oily.

Washing your face too often will strip it of essential oils that lock the water inside your skin, keeping it hydrated. If your skin lacks water, it will produce more sebum to try to keep the remaining moisture. Using cleansers with harsh ingredients will cause your glands to overproduce oil, leaving you with greasy looking skin.

2. It might prevent premature skin aging.

Although your skin looks instantly better after cleansing or exfoliation, this effect is temporary. In reality, when you wash your face too much, you remove dead skin cells that make up your protective skin barrier. Without this protective layer, your skin is more vulnerable and prone to premature wrinkles.

3. It protects your skin from environmental damage.

The outermost layer of your skin is the only one that is ready to face all the potential damage from the environment because most of the cells there are dead or dying. When there’s no outer protection of old cells, your skin is ’naked’ and exposed to harsh the pollution and toxins outside.

4. Your skin will be more moisturized.

While it is true that cleansing eliminates impurities and dirt, and is an essential step in your skincare routine, doing it too often will leave your skin overly dry. When you only rinse your skin with water in the morning, it won’t lose its much needed natural oils that keep it healthy and hydrated.

5. You may have less breakouts.

Over washing your face will upset the healthy acidic balance of your skin, and can lead to irritation and redness. It will also break down the top layer of the skin, allowing bacteria to enter your skin because it can no longer protect itself. It may lead to breakouts and inflammation, which in turn will cause more acne.

How often do you wash your face? Do you think it’s better to wash it once or twice a day?

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