What Is The Right Frequency To Feed Your Cat

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Do you know how much or how often your cats to enjoy their foods? Well, there is no quick answer to this question. Of course, it is all about the age and the health of your kitten or cat. Besides, it is also about the number of cats you have at home, the way you raise your cats such as the environment and the food you always give to them as well. These are the main factors to handle the feeding matters.  So, we can say that everything backs to your cats before considering the right frequency to feed your cat. You should know about these things first and then decide the right portion for your cats.
For example, the caregiver is able to feed kittens and cats with the canned food several times per day. On the other hands, the single and working owner with the two-income family will provide the dry cat food in the morning and provide the night canned food.

The Canned Food

Your little cats will need double nutrients compared to adult cats. They use it to support their growth and to turn the food into their energy. Of course, their tummies cannot deal with large quantities of food. Therefore, they just our babies that will take frequent feedings and decrease this needs gradually as they grow. Besides, it is important to make sure that you always weight your kittens routinely to make sure that they are gaining ideally, not overly fat.
Of course, there is a big rule no one should not across. For example, if you have kittens less than six weeks old, the mother cat will have a big role to support their development. Their mother cat will feed them, as well. If it is almost impossible to rely on the mother cat, you can feed the kittens by the bottle. In addition, if the kitten is about five weeks old, you can introduce the kitten by giving good canned food for a kitten. Nevertheless, you should do this gradually. Do this until the kitten is able to eat the canned food by themselves.
So, if you have no idea about how to feed your cats properly depends, we provide you the information here but still based on the age.  It is important to note that these guidelines below are only about feeding kittens with canned food. You can even take this guideline if you think that cannot food is the best option to feed your kitten.

At six weeks – Your kittens will need four or even more small feedings. It is good to give space throughout the day and do it regularly. Besides, you must bring your kitten to weigh regularly. It is good if you record his weight in the dated chart. This is the ideal way to make sure that you check the kitten’s development on the track.
At 12 weeks – You can increase the portion of each meal. In addition, you should space them out gradually so they get tree meals per day. Remember that you should do this gradually.
At six months – At this age, you can even gradually space out your cats’ meal to twice per day. For example, you can feed your cat in the early morning and in the night.

What about the adult cats? What can you do for your adult cat? What kind of foods and how much food to feed?
If your cat has no problem with the excessive weight gain, you can even call him as an adult cat at age of one year. The next nine years or more, you may support your cats with the adult “maintenance” meals twice per day along with the supplements of the dry food anytime you think your cats need them. Asides of the feeding matter, you should also check out their health and weight gain. They are old and they are more prone to get some health issues just like older people.

Feeding The Dry Food

What about dry food? So, this is only the convenience, especially for the caregiver, compare to the nutritional needs of your cats. Of course, your cats can live long and enjoy happy lives even though he has to deal with the exclusive diet from the dry foods. Nevertheless, for working caregivers, they feed a meal of the canned food for the adult cats in the morning and night with the dry food to leave out.

Geriatric and The Special Needs Cats

Special needs cats are the older cats with the condition to get the specific dietary needs. These cats need special attention too. You should feed the cats more often. Besides, it is always good to follow the directions given by the vet to feed and to schedule the feeding time. It looks better if you also provide the right type of food.
So, if we want to talk about your cat, it is all about what they eat. It is also important to know that the type of food that you feed to your cat is one of the most important expenses when it is all about having cats at home.

If you wonder the best food to give to your cats, we think that your vet can help. It is good to meet your vet not only to check your cat’s condition due to certain health issues. But, it is also the best time to consult about feeding your cats, the frequency to feed your cats, and weighing your cats. This is important to get more information more tips about feeding your cats.
Those are all things you should know when it comes to the feeding frequency. Always contact your vet if you see a problem with your cats especially for their feeding behavior. Keep in mind that you should provide healthy and nutritious foods for your cats to prevent any health issues in the future. You would not have a life that makes you always eat junk foods every day, wouldn’t you?