Ways To Make Adult Grumpy Cat Becomes Friendly

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Inviting an adult cat as the new member into your home is quite tricky. Adopting the older cat means that you do not even know about the treatments the cat has experienced from the previous owners. If you love to care for multiple cats, it is important to know whether they can be friends or enemies to each other. Gladly, most of the adult cats can live together. They even can figure out the way to live together and become friends quickly.

What Things To Know When Socializing Adult Cats

The cat is the new member and it is something normal if your cat behaves cautiously. He is still learning the new environment. Besides, cats will always take a safe distance away from anyone he has not built a positive relation. For seven weeks kittens, usually, they are open to new people and new experience. After that, they will take more time to learn and accept any change.


Just like humans, some cats are born to become less social compared to others. Some kitties, for example, can feel comfortable to close to people and that is enough. They cannot tolerate people who touch them, pick them up, or carry them. It also means that they will not feel comfortable to sit on your lap and they will never do this.

It does not mean that you cannot do anything if you want to carry your grumpy cat on your lap. Still, there are some great steps to take to invite your cat so that he feels comfortable to sit next to you.

  1. If your cat is new to your home, it is good to start the interaction gradually. For example, if your house also has other cats, you should introduce them all gradually. To do so, you should provide the new and old members with the options to come closer or go away easily.
  2. If your cat runs when you make a sudden move, it is the sign of anxiety. Therefore, it is good to find a place to become stationary. This way will make you able to invite your cat to come to you by the time.
  3. Treats or foods are the best things to start. Choose treats or foods your cat loves to eat and this is a good starting point to make him wants to approach you. To do so, you only have to toss tidbits a little bit away with the safe distance so your cat knows that the foods come from you without getting too close. By the time, this simple way makes your cat has a willing to start an interaction with you.


It is important to know that there are many factors that make your cat quite fear and grumpy so he becomes antisocial.
For example, a healthy cat can be so shy if he lives in a new environment with many new animals sharing the space. When your cat is not feeling good, he will find a quiet and a hidden corner to stay away from people and animals. This is his instinct, actually.
On the other hands, it is possible if your cat urinates outside of the litter box. This is what he will do to mark his territory. This problem may occur because of the newcomers. If it happens to your cat, it is good to provide different litter boxes so that they will not share it for their comfort. Once the cat is happy, there will be no problem at all.
In case your pet did not meet the vet lately and he displayed weird behavior like being a sudden antisocial, we believe it was not about the health issue that causes this thing to happen.
There will be no problems of socialization and your cats are comfortable if he can encounter each other without growling or hissing. Even though your cats will settle in and then groom each other just like old friends, it is good to expect. But, too much expectation is bad. You have encouraged your grumpy cat to become friendly if you see that there are no flying furs.

Cats and New Situation

Dealing with the new situation, new people, and new relationships are not easy for your cat. Of course, it is stressful. Their environment does not easily welcome them, especially for the existing cats in your home, the old members. Your new cat can be the target of their aggression. Therefore, as the newbie, he will have some tough days and he even cannot trust you first. The stressful situation will never make your new cat comfortable. Even it can make the situation worse since stress can occupy your cat to lose his appetite, sleep quality, and mood.
So, if you can identify and remove the cause of stress or even modify the behavior of your other more aggressive cats, this is a nice step to persuade your new member to relax.

Common Mistakes

In case that you want to show your best effort to socialize the new cat to the existing environment, it is important to be intuitive that you should not go too far into a single direction. For example, if you overpraising and doing more special things for the new arrival, this way will only create the jealousy.
The common mistake is about not to keep the balance and it is not easy to make sure that everything goes in the right portion. Anytime that is you feel the other cats acting jealous, it means that you have been neglecting the others. Therefore, it is important to take care for all the cats in the same way. Don’t even add more problems by creating jealousy.  So, it is good to avoid doing silly things like offering a special treat for the newcomer too much. Going too far will only make others so jealous that even make these cats cannot go together to create the relationships as you expect. Once you find the balance, it will work for all of them!