Warm or Cold Water? Make Your Choice and See What Happens to Your Body

An adult body consists of 50% to 60% of water. This liquid is vital for our health and it’s crucial for our body to function properly. But how should you drink it — cold or warm, and which is better? Most of us tend to choose a glass of cold water, especially during hot weather, as it tastes better and is more refreshing. But, actually, it is warm water that is proven to be much more beneficial to our health.

We gathered all the pros and cons of drinking warm and cold water.

Warm water

Warm water is 80°F to 106°F. Normally, we don’t tend to drink it this way, as we prefer to drink either coffee or tea at this temperature. But there are actually many benefits of drinking warm water!

1. It detoxifies your body.

Drinking warm water, especially in the morning, will help you flush out toxins in your body that can contribute to numerous diseases. For a stronger effect, add a slice of lemon to the warm water: vitamin C will revive the cells while warm water will detoxify your body.

2. It fights pain.

Warm water has been proven to relieve pain caused by menstruation and headaches. It increases blood circulation and improves the blood flow. If you experience cramps, you should also drink warm water, as it will help the cramped muscles relax.

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