Using Items From The Dollar Shop To Decor A Room

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What can you do to use items from the dollar shop to decor a room? We can say that the challenging part is the transition of fall to winter. When fall is over, winter is ready to come. Therefore, you should solve the matter. In addition, the cost of DIY materials can be expensive. The case will be different if you go to the dollar store and get some affordable materials. So, what is next? Here are some DIY projects you should do to decor your room.

1. Fall Candle

Just buy some candles you like. After that, buy some fake leaves at the store, gather the burlap patches, and cover the candles with a leaf or two. Place the leaves over the patches of burlap. Tie the leaves using a burlap string.

2. Natural Vases

Get few gourds or squashes. Drill down a hole in them large enough so as to hold a bunch of flowers. As for flowers, you can either use seasonal flowers from your garden or get them for cheap from your nearest dollar store.

3. The Pillow Cover

You can buy an orange checkered shirt from the dollar shop. It reminds you to fall and find the size in XXL. After that, create a long pillow cover from the shirt. This is an affordable way to have a nice pillow cover!

4. Harvest Vases

You can purchase cheap glasses and dark scrapbook paper from a nearby dollar store. Roll the paper into attractive cuffs inside the glasses. Now fill the glass with nuts at the bottom and add few stalks of wheat above the nuts.

5. The Wreath

Buy some plastic pumpkins and gourds in various shapes at the Dollar Store. After that, spray paint them in the white color. Make a burlap wreath and glue them onto the wreath to decorate your doors.

6. Decoupage Pumpkins

Buy some plastic pumpkins as in our previous DIY. You can get one of those for less than a dollar at the dollar store. Now glue sheet music onto them (you can print out sheet music that you find for free online) using mod podge. You can use any kind of paper you want, but black and white sheets tend to blend in perfectly with the season. You can also put some moss and cinnamon twig on top as the final touch.

7. The Pine Cone

If you are looking for a cheap and adorable door decoration, this is what you need. Gather some pine cones and ribbon you should purchase at the Dollar store. After that, glue the pine cones onto the ribbon and you make this decorative piece. Make it interesting by creating various arrangements.

8. The Toothbrush Holder

Buy a tall and wide-mouthed mason jar at the dollar store. Paint the inner surface with white latex paint. Remove the metal part that fits inside the lid. Now, cut properly-shaped holes in the cardboard piece and fit that where the metal part was, inside of the rim. With this, whiter teeth are made all the easier.

9. The Photo Holder

Get some walnuts with flatter bottoms to make them stand up with ease. After that, drill a small hole on its top. Take a thick wire and cut in size of 6-inch pieces. Wrap on end of the pieces around the marker twice and remove it. Insert the other end into the walnut holes and insert the photo in between the loops.

10. Leaf Art

You’ll need a stack of copy paper for this project. As for the leaves, you can use the ones from trees themselves or buy fake ones from the dollar store. Now, all you need is to glue those leaves onto the sheets of paper to create for yourself simple and elegant décor for the walls.