Top 28 Amazing Apple Cider and White Cider Vinegar Uses in Garden You Don’t Know

4. Get Rid of Slugs

Apple cider vinegar is effective against controlling pests like slugs and snails in the garden. If you spray this on these soft-bodied insects, they’ll melt and perish. Mixing an equal amount of water will increase the amount of solution. *Avoid drenching the foliage of any plant with undiluted vinegar.

5. Keep Cats and Dogs Away from the Garden

Have a curious pet that wreaks havoc in your garden? Or, the rodents are disturbing your peace there? To prevent this, place some rags pre-soaked in the apple cider vinegar solution at locations you don’t want them to visit in your garden. Re-soak those rags every week to maintain the efficacy.

Another method is to spray undiluted apple vinegar around the circumference of the place you want your dog to avoid.

6. Clean Old and Rusty Garden Tools

Metallic garden tools tend to rust over time. Rust forms due to the oxidation of iron by atmospheric oxygen and moisture. Apple cider vinegar can reduce this problem: For this, directly spray the ACV on to the rusty areas of the tools and wipe off with a clean cloth.
You can also dip your tools in a mug or bucket containing pure apple cider vinegar for about a day if the stains are stubborn.

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