Top 10 Unfortunate Mistakes That Almost All Travelers Make

If you are not a travel guru who travels professionally, it’s almost impossible to avoid mistakes during your trips. Here, we offer you a chance to learn from other people’s mistakes, so you don’t make your own.

We love traveling and we had a lot of fun collecting these tips. If you have your own tips, feel free to share them with us.

Mistake № 1: staying on the outskirts to save money

10 Unfortunate Mistakes That Almost All Travelers Make

We agree that staying on the outskirts can sometimes be comfortable, like for example, when you rent a car. Hotels outside downtown are usually cheaper, but the difference is not significant, and all the saved money will be spent on transportation every day.

And when you are on vacation, it’s nicer to stay in the middle of the action surrounded by romantic paved streets, than somewhere on the outskirts in a boring cookie cutter hotel. If you stay downtown, you can walk around interesting places late at night or early in the morning with minimal crowds. You won’t miss anything interesting and might get to stay in an old authentic bed and breakfast.

Another definite advantage of staying downtown is being able to go back to the hotel during the day to rest or take a nap.

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