Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Add Coconut Oil in Your Coffee

2. The Weight Loss Power Couple

This is another double whammy of sorts, as both coffee and coconut oil can help boost your weight loss. And this particular combination can be more effective than other food or beverage + coconut oil combos. Here’s why:

Coffee on its own helps raise your metabolism and encourage weight loss. Just your one morning cup can boost your resting metabolic rate by about 4%. On top of that, it’s been shown to promote the burning of calories and fat.

Likewise, Coconut oil helps by providing appetite control. Because it is a satiating fat, you will experience a decrease in appetite. With about 120 calories per tablespoon, that can make a huge difference if you are struggling with overeating.

So, when combined, the two substances can be really helpful for weight management, especially when incorporated with other positive lifestyle choices.

3.  Body Guard from the Inside-Out

That’s right, coconut oil can also help protect you from some seriously bad juju by boosting your immune system. Lauric Acid (aka that good stuff found in breast milk) makes up about 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil.

When ingested, Lauric acid has been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. It is used to treat a whole bevy of things including several strains of the flu, common cold, fever blister and cold sores, and more. It’s even helpful in preventing the transfer of HIV from mothers to children.

Plus, it. may also help your body absorb some vitamins like A, D, E, and K. What’s more is it boosts antioxidant absorption. That property is particularly nice when it’s in coffee, which naturally has a lot of antioxidants!

If you thought it couldn’t get cooler, think again. This stuff also helps your outermost defensive organ: the skin. Not only does it provide extra moisture, coconut oil also wards off fungi, bacteria, and viruses here. So if you want an extra use for the massive amount you get in the jar, try using it as a moisturizer too.

4. Get Things… Moving Along

In addition to helping your immune system, coconut oil can help out your digestion as well. Now, coffee by itself already does a pretty great job of getting stuff going in there. However, coconut oil also promotes good digestive health.

Instead of acting as a stimulant, it functions as a lubricant. Additionally, it can soften your stool. So, when consumed in reasonable amounts (read 1-2 tbsp a day), coconut oil can keep your BMs regular and relatively pleasant.

5. Insulin’s BFF

Like coffee, coconut oil can be useful in regulating blood sugar. As it does not require insulin to be processed, so there is no spike in blood sugar, reducing the need for extra insulin. Additionally, some studies have shown that the Lauric acid in coconut oil can protect against diabetes-induced issues such as dyslipidemia.

Plus, coffee itself has been overwhelmingly shown to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Just one cup a day can decrease your risk by 7%!

6. Get Those Smarticle Particles!

As we mentioned before, coffee alone can improve brain function. Likewise, coconut oil seems to play a helpful role in doing the same.

There has been some indications that the ketones in coconut oil could be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s patients. As their brains are seemingly resistant to insulin, they don’t get enough fuel in the form of glucose. So, as we mentioned earlier, ketones can function as an alternative fuel for the brain.

Currently, there are studies being conducted to explore this possibility, which is certainly exciting. Nonetheless, we do know that it seems to help sort term brain function as well!

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