Top 10 Most Recommended Houseplants from NASA That Are Too Good As Air Purifier

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Even NASA began studying about the houseplants that maybe one day we can use it in the spacecraft to purify the air. In fact, what they have found are good too for our houses.
In the study, NASA found so many houseplants that can reduce the harmful compounds in the air. And the good news is they can be found near us. So, why don’t we add some greeny accessories in our room?

Aloe Vera

If you think about putting the aloe vera in your bedroom, then you don’t have to worry because this plant has the healing ability. Aloe vera consists of soothing gel that helps you improve the skin burn and cuts. This is also a great plant to improve indoor quality. With its easiness to be planted, you have no reason for not keeping this one for chemical odor resulted from paint and cleaners.

Peace Lily

Everybody loves the beautiful Lily, but who knew if the white petals can increase the indoor air quality by 60%?
This flower is effective in reducing the level of mold and spores in your room by absorbing it through their leaves and turns it as plant food. You can place the beautiful Lily in moldy places such as bathrooms. This will keep the shower tiles free from mold. Of course, Lily is great at absorbing the acetone and alcohol odor.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. Place this plant in the living room or kitchen. Only within two days, around 90% of toxins in the air will be converted to fresh air. The leaves of the Spider Plant are effective in absorbing harmful substances from allergens until the mold. Therefore, if you are suffering from allergies, such as dust, this plant is perfect. Small traces of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde no longer exist in the room.

English Ivy

If you raise pets, then you need a companion! Place some English Ivy plant in the room the reduce the fecal matter. This plant is also effective in absorbing the formaldehyde which is mostly found in some home stuff such as cleaning products, carpet treatments and also furniture. Interestingly, keeping this plant on the desk will increase your focus due to the reduction of benzene levels found in the office equipment.

Boston Fern

Boston Ferns offers outstanding beauty and health benefits. This is the best humidifiers that will restore the moisture in the air. If you often suffer from dry skin and other health problems due to the weather, then you can place the plant in your room. This is also effective in eliminating the formaldehyde. So, how could you resist the plants that add beauty and health benefits in your house? Just hang them on the walls. However, you need to keep in mind, the Boston Ferm is not to be placed under the direct sunlight. Water this plant regularly to get the maximum benefits.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

In case you live without pets and kids, then you are allowed to have this plant. If you want, just make sure they have no access to touch the leaves.
The Heart Leaf Philodendron is actually toxic, yet very excellent if you choose it as the air purifier. The leaves effectively absorb the formaldehyde that is usually found in the particle board. However, you should not let your kids and pets access it.


For centuries, the Eucalyptus has been used for many diseases. It is pretty difficult to find this plant for home decoration, but if you are lucky, add it to your house.
This plant can improve the air body passages. You just need to smell the scent for relieving the congestion problems due to cold.

African Violets

African Violets is a good choice if you want to add more color to your home decoration. One benefits you should know is its ability to stimulate the adrenaline release. This flower even can increase the oxygen flow in the brain resulting relax sensation. Interestingly, the African Violets work well under artificial light, so you can keep them in your room.

Chinese Evergreen

This is the easiest plant to care! I recommend you to add it in your list because the plant can reduce the air pollutants especially chemicals that are found in cleaners. This is only one reason to add the Chinese Evergreen for many years in your house.


This is why the Chrysanthemum is always available in a flourish. The colors relax your mind and this also offers benefits for more purified air as well. The flowers are proven to be able to reduce the benzene which you will find mostly in detergents, plastics, paints and glue products. However, these plants love sunlight, so you cannot place it under artificial light.