Top 10 Genius Ways to Use Banana Peels

Meat tenderizer

10 Unusual Ways to Use Banana Peels

To keep your steak moist and tender, add some ripe banana skin to the roasting pan. This way, you will ensure that your roast stays juicy while it’s in the oven and that it stays full of flavor. The banana peel works as a blanket for your meat — it keeps it cooking while also keeping the moisture from vaporising.

They help reduce acne.

10 Unusual Ways to Use Banana Peels

Banana peels contain vitamin C and vitamin E and they also contain potassium, zinc, iron, and manganese. These nutrients can calm inflamed skin and reduce acne outbreaks. Furthermore, banana peels contain lutein and carotenoids which are fat-soluble compounds that help fight inflammation and acne breakouts.

  • Rub the banana peel over your skin and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse your skin.
  • Repeat twice daily.

They help reduce wrinkles.

10 Unusual Ways to Use Banana Peels

Facial wrinkles occur when the skin loses its elasticity and it loses its firmness. The antioxidants and vitamin C in bananas can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Rub the banana peel over your skin and leave for 30 minutes or overnight.
  • Wash your face and moisturize.
  • Repeat 3 times a week.
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