7 Cute Dogs That Stay Small and Don’t Shed

7 Cute Dogs That Stay Small and Don’t Shed

Dogs are amazing companions. They enhance our lives so much that we should want to give the best home possible. Part of providing an excellent home means fitting the right dog to the right environment. For those of us who do not have a large yard and need minimal shedding, there are still many adorable options. Here are 7 cute dogs that stay small and don’t shed.

Photo taken by: Ger Dekker

1. Affenpinschers Can Be Employed as Rodent Removers

This dog has been around since the 1600’s and was often employed as a rodent remove. This dog is often active, curious, and perhaps a touch stubborn. Without training, the dog’s stubbornness can make housebreaking more difficult. The median lifespan is around 11.5 years.

Photo taken by: Fugzu

2. Basenjis Were Originally Bred as Hunting Dogs

This dog was originally bred as a hunter. When this dog “barks,” it makes a unique, yodel-like sound due to its oddly-shaped larynx. These dogs are reserved around strangers but love to climb. They become very attached to their owners.

Photo taken by: Jonathan Day

3. Bichon Frisé Are Playful and Sociable

The French meaning behind this name means curly lap dog. These dogs are often cheerful, playful and are very sociable. The average lifespan is 12-13 years. They need grooming every 1-2 months to keep their fur from matting.

Photo taken by: Hemlit

4. Havanese Are Great for Families

This bichon-type of dog is spirited and makes an ideal family dog. Havanese are also known for being intelligent and easy to train. These dogs typically live for 14 to 16 years.

Photo taken by: Ann Gordon

5. Maltese Are Awesome Lap Dogs

With its extremely cuddly temperament, Maltese make fantastic lap dogs. They are playful, but may be snappish towards children. Socializing these dogs will help them become better suited as family pets. They may require daily eye cleaning to prevent tear staining.

Photo taken by: Jean

6. Norwich Terriers Are Sensitive and Intelligent

These are hardy dogs that are often very intelligent but may be very sensitive to scolding. These dogs often live 13 – 14 years. Daily walks are a minimum with this breed as they were originally bred to be working dogs.

Photo taken by: Yasuhiko Ito

7. Poodles Are Energetic and Beautiful

Poodles come in three main sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. Regular coat maintenance is required to prevent matting. These highly energetic dogs can turn destructive if they get bored. Some poodles may be snappy and aggressive, though with proper training this behavior can be removed.

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