Top 10 Backpacking Trips Around San Francisco

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San Francisco is not only the beautiful destination to visit since the Bay Area is the best combination of the city life and the world-class outdoor destinations. In fact, the whole thriving urban makes you should find the best way to escape from the busy life, get out of the town and explore the backcountry sides are the best choice to make, for sure.
We call you a lucky person if you have enough time to visit San Francisco. There are many endless epic trials to start your adventure with the true wilderness around the places to enjoy. If you wonder what the best backpacking trips to try in this area, here we give you the list.

1. The Cone Peak

Welcome to the most spectacular coastal mountain with 5,155 feet of elevation gain. The location is not too far from the ocean. You can even reach it less than 3n miles. The area offers you to camp on the summit if you want too. You should not hike alone if you are not spending the week or in the winter.
The destination is the Los Padres National Forest. Make sure you check the official website to know more about the regulations and restrictions.
Pack list:
Map, water, food, rain protector if it is not the summer, sunscreen all season, camping gear, and good footgear
With 23 miles of distance, the place offers an out-and-back trail for the intermediate hikers to visit the area in any time of the year. Best things to do here are camping, backpacking, and hiking.

2. Big Basin’s Sunset Trail

This backpacking site is available from the first May to the first November. Hike there and you will spend 6 miles along with 12 roundtrips. The campsite is also near the proximity to waterfalls.
This is the ideal choice of finding the authentic hiking and the camping weekend experience without driving many hours away.
Pack list:
Tent, sleeping bag, camp gear, hiking gear, and camera
The place is easy to access with an out-and-back trail is waiting for the beginner to visit the site in any season of the year. You can backpack, hike, and camp here, as well.

3. Reyes’ Coast Campground

Above the coast of the Pt. Reyes will be the experience you can get in this site, especially if you don’t mind to spend a night there. You also need to have a short 200-meter hike down to enjoy the beach and the tide pools. So, if you stay overnight on the Pt. Reyes coastline, this campground is the closets and you should not leave this opportunity!
Pack list:
Camping permit from the Bear Valley Visitor Center, campsite reservation, backpack, tent, sleeping bag, water, food, lightweight layers for the ocean fog, and trekking poles
Hiking, chilling, camping, and backpacking are the best activities to do in this site, even intermediate hikers can try to enjoy the out-and-back trail with a short 3.6 miles of adventure.

4. The Glen Camp Loop

Start your adventure to this site and you will find the easy backpacking trip, especially if you love to become the overnight backpackers. The site makes you able to enjoy the loop along with the coast and the lush forests.
Pack list:
Permits, map, compass, sun protection, extra layers, headlamp or flashlight, first aid, fire starter, food, and water bottle or bladder
More things to recommend:
Beach towel, beach shoes, swimsuit, camera, adult beverages, frozen hotdogs or burger, charcoal, and shelter or tent.
It offers 3837 in elevation to chilling, camping, backpacking, photography, and hiking that all intermediate hikers should take.

5. The Lost Coast

With 24 miles of backpacking, the coastal views are stunning with the campsites and easy to access a water source. The site is the best option for those who want to have 3 days and 2 nights of hiking experience.
Pack list:
Map, pack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, water bottle, water filtration system, backpacking stove, 3 days of meals, hiking clothes, hiking boots, bear canister, and sunscreen
Camping, hiking, and backpacking in this site are what you need to do.

6. Angel Island

The site is quite close to the city with the bay views that will bring you to another world. It does not a big deal if your beloved ones don’t want to camp. They can ferry over to enjoy bbq party with you. This site is also ideal for overnight backpackers.
Pack list:
Food to BBQ, charcoal grill or stove, hiking essentials, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent
Camping and backpacking are the best activities to do here. Even the site welcomes the intermediate backpacker, too.

7. Point Reyes’ Wildcat Camp

If you have a plan to head to this site, make sure to know that the location always needs permits. You should get the permits and regulations first to enjoy the campground with the open meadow and the beautiful ocean.
Pack list:
Camping permit, map, first aid kit, backpack, tent, headlamp, sleeping bag or sleeping pad, rain gear for ocean camping, warm clothes or layers, tide chart, food for 2 to 5 days, camera, and charcoal to operate the grill
11.4 miles of distance and 1945 in elevation makes the area is still great for beginners even to enjoy swimming, photography, camping, hiking, and backpacking.

8. Glacier Point Camp

This site offers the best place to enjoy the stunning views of Half Dome and the Yosemite Valley. It is a must to bring your tent and does not miss to head to Glacier Point.
Pack list:
Ten essentials, water purification, backpacking gear, layers for winter camping, wilderness permit, the bear can, and camera
This site is also perfect for beginner to visit for 9.4 miles of backpacking experience in 3200 feet of elevation.

9. Backpack The Bear Valley

Enjoy this loop and stay overnight. You can enjoy viewing the sunset, hiking, camping, backpacking, photography, and chilling. If you want to visit this site, make sure that you have a little experience as the intermediate hiker.
Pack list:
Permits, map, compass, sun protection, extra layers, first aid, headlamp or flashlight, fir starter, food, water bottle or bladder
Recommended items to bring:
Shelter or tent, charcoal, frozen hotdogs or burgers, adult beverages, swimsuit, beach shoes, and beach towel

1O. Clouds Rest From Glacier Point

Last but not least, the site is the highest point in this Valley since it is 1,000 feet higher compared to the Half Dome. There, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the westward and high country.
Pack list:
Backpacking attires, backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, bear box, food, camera, tripod, water bottles 3-liters for each person, water purification, map, and wilderness permit
Camping, backpacking, hiking, and photography are the things to go through the 24 miles of adventure.