This DIY Smartphone Projector Is From A Shoebox! (Get The Tutorial!)

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We use smartphones to handle 80% of our tasks, even more. The demand for smartphones is high and mobile gaming even on demand for all ages. You are not only using the phone to contact someone but also you can use it as the entertainment hubs in this modern life.
If you want to enjoy your free time to watch some videos or movies from your smartphone, it would be perfect if you have a smartphone projector. You do not even spend a penny to have it. In fact, you can try this DIY projector from your handset. This video is from TechBuilder to learn this DIY smartphone projector from a shoebox. As long as you have some following items, you can try for it:

  • A Hack-saw
  • A Shoe Box
  • A Magnifying Glass (for the projector lens)
  • A Foam Board
  • A Box Cutter
  • A Glue Gun
  • A Ruler
  • A Compass
  • Some Sellotape
  • Your Smartphone

What to Look Out for When Making Your DIY Smartphone Projector

With these items, you can begin to construct your simple and yet ingenious DIY smartphone projector using the steps in the video. Remember to keep the following points in mind:
Use lots of glue when securing the shoe box. This prevents it from wobbling when the section is cut for the projector lens.
Use a compass to guide the box-cutter blade as this creates a precise hole for the lens.
When securing your smartphone against the foam board, ensure that it is placed centrally and aligned with the lens.
Remember to focus the lens (once complete) by moving the smartphone back and forth within the casing.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does it possible to do some modifications to optimize the audio output? Well, it is great to do by punching a small hole in the casing. After that, you can connect an auxiliary cable. Otherwise, you can use a Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, you can try a soundbar. This is good to optimize the sound.
How to improve the clarity of the picture after calibrating? It is important to adjust the sharpness, contrast settings and the brightness of your smartphone before placing it in the casing. This will allow you to get the top clarity and image quality.
Is it possible to use any phone on this project?
In this project, they use an iPhone. In fact, you can even use any Android or Apple handset as long as you cut the casing in the right size.