This Clever Organizing Hacks Will Maximize Your Dorm Room

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Most of us want to take everything we have been saving with us when we want to move to the dorm room. You take some pieces in case you miss your home. Besides, you will bring some special items from your parents.
Well, when you finally arrive you soon begin to wonder just where you are going to put all this stuff in your new home, which is roughly a living space about the size of the upstairs bathroom.
Don’t despair; there’s still space for that Tinky Winky stuffed doll you haven’t played with since you were six, but felt compelled to bring with you, anyway.

1. Maximize The Space

It is good to know that you should take a time to make a plan about what household items you will bring to your dorm room. Remember that the more items you bring, the higher its chance to ruin your dorm room.  It is also important to plan the way you are going to utilize every inch of your dorm room.
A dresser can be placed in the closet to save on living space, or a cloth cover can be placed on the desk in order to convert it into an ironing board. If you’re a hat person, they can be hung on screws in the small, wasted space above doorways.

2. Go With Multipurpose Items

Since you live in a small area, it means you have to maximize the space. Therefore, you should think about the functionality of each item you want to add. Multiple items are great to go with.
For example, instead of just an end table beside the bed, use an ottoman or an end cabinet with a drawer, and shelving that you can actually store something in. Don’t just have a table to sit your laptop on, either, use a desk that will take up the same space, but offer more storage.
If you don’t get a bed loft, bed lifters are also a handy item for the dorm room dweller. Bed lifters slip onto the bottom of the memory foam mattress, or under bed posts, lifting it about another six inches. The nice part here is you are now able to use the wasted space beneath the bed as storage as well. The other advantage with bed risers is that they also have AC sockets built right into them that provide more flexibility where you place the bed. No more worries about a hidden outlet tucked behind the bed with no access.
With a little planning, you’ll be able to come up with multiple uses for almost everything in the room, which will really reduce clutter.

3. Create A Workspace

Alternatively, it is a clever idea to create your special place to do your school work. You cannot use your bed to operate your laptop while eating a slice of pizza. Therefore, you should have a dedicated area to finish your work.
Most dorm rooms come with a desk or two; you can put it in the corner of the room that you can share with your roommate, where you keep your laptop and charge your phone and for where you do your schoolwork. This way when you sit down to work, you already know this space is for working and then keep it that way.
You may be surprised just how productive you become when you have an area specifically for working.
Another advantage to creating a workspace is that you are already conditioning yourself to recognize that there are certain spaces intended strictly for working. It is amazing the work habits that can be developed through a designated work area—when you sit down, you know it’s time to get down to business.
That is really going to help when you eventually enter the workplace.

4. Use Your Creativity

It is great to have more attention on how to use something for another purpose to organize your dorm room. For example, you can use vinyl shoe holder to hang it on the wall and use it to hold your school books, your purse and others to declutter your room.
There are so many items that can be used in this way. There are stackable shelves of various sizes that don’t necessarily need to be stacked. They can also be used to store and slide things under the bed, as well.
There are netted vinyl baskets that are easy to attach on a wall that can be used for light items that can easily be misplaced. These are perfect for things like knitted hats, gloves, and scarves.
Besides, if you do not mind to follow and use your imagination, there will be more creative things you can do from the common and even unused household items.