Sustainable Marriage Tips: Things You Should And Shouldn’t Say To Your Husband

After marriage, you are so close with your partner that you think you can say just about anything to him. But, just like in any relationship, your words can make or break your marriage. Think before you speak so that you need not have to be sorry later. We shares with you some sweet romantic things to say to your husband to keep him happy, and those which you shouldn’t tell him.

27 Things You Should Tell Your Husband

A few sweet words that you tell your husband can brighten up his otherwise hectic and tiresome day. Those words would make him long to spend time with you. Below, we present a few encouraging words for husband in which you can spill your heart out to him. But remember, be honest and mean what you say.

Phrases To Appreciate And Encourage Your Husband

1. “I appreciate you and everything you do”

Many married men and those in a relationship often complain about how their better halves do not let them know that they are appreciated. One thing you should say more to your husband is how much you appreciate him and what he does. This will boost his confidence and also make him want to do even more. This is a good thing, especially when you want to strengthen your marriage.

2. “Thanks for helping around the house”

Helping around the house can be a little daunting for your husband. You are more than likely to have your own way of doing things, and he will not want to mess that up. However, when he does help out, make sure that you let him know that you are grateful. He may not do things exactly the way you like them to be done, but at least he is trying.

3. “I am committed to you”

Like many other things in life, love can be fleeting. Committing to someone shows that your love is strong and much more than a simple emotion. A commitment transcends love. It is about choosing to stick with someone in spite of circumstances or feelings. When you show and also voice out your commitment, it makes your husband feel secure and strengthen his commitment to you and your marriage as well.

4. “Let’s spend more time together”

This is one of the special things to do for your husband to make him feel great! With both your busy schedules, you and your husband probably do not get enough time together. Making this suggestion will make him feel special and also make him feel like you are willing to work towards making your marriage last. You need to spend quality time together to be able to nurture your relationship and allow it to grow. Letting your husband know that you want to spend more time with him also shows that you feel close to him and miss him. He probably feels the same way. Set up a fun, romantic date night and make it a must to take a day out of the week for each other.

5. “I like you”

Short, simple and sweet – this is a nice thing to say to your husband every once in a while. People can love each other without actually liking each other. When you tell your husband you like him; you show that you care for him deeply and are also a fan of his person. This is a great feeling that he will love. You do not have to say I love you to make someone feel special. Sometimes a simple “I like you” will bring out a smile on their faces that lasts all day.

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