Things To Consider To Choose The Best Second Dog

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Having a dog is all about adding a new family member to your household. Seeing the dog alone when you have to finish some tasks at home is not a fun thing. It is just like you are rising a kid and you have no choice to let him play alone when you cook or do something. Therefore, it is good to add a second dog. Of course, adding a second dog is not as easy as you may think. There should be a good plan to make sure that the second dog completes the family.
Talking about the second dog, it is crucial to make the right match. What does it mean?
The right match will support the transition so everything will go smoothly for both of you and your dog. Also, you do not want to find your second go disappear because she is trying to find her previous shelter. So, there are several things to consider so you can choose the best second dog and everything goes smoothly just like your plan.

The Dog’s Soulmate

If the answer is to make a right match, then what can you do to find it? Here are the following things to consider:
Personality – First, it is important to think about the interactions. Learn how your dog always interacts with another dog. Does he like a certain type of dog lately? Perhaps, he really loves the playful dogs. Does he tend to have a big interesting in laid-back dogs? Even if there are a lot of dogs tends to go with dogs that act like them, we think this is not a good match. It is like two nervous dogs or two hyper dogs being together. It would be better to think about dogs that can make a positive impact on your dog.
For example, if you have a hyperactive dog, you can calm down him by matching him with a more gentle dog that still loves to play. On the other hands, if you have a fearful and insecure dog, he will be at ease if you match him with a confident and outgoing dog.

Size – Generally, dogs with similar size looks better pairs. In addition, having two dogs with great different size will increase the risks of the little dog to get hurt by accident. Therefore, you have to work harder to train and socialize the dogs and then watch them closely when they interact.
Age – Age is a big matter that you should also consider when you are choosing the second dog. For example, if you have a senior dog, of course, he cannot handle the active puppy as his mate. He cannot have too much patience to deal with the active puppy. Therefore, you should not pair your senior dog with a little puppy. The ideal match for the senior dog is to get dogs with a closer age.

Sex – According to many experts, they have the big argument that when you want to add the second dog to your home, it is good to choose the dog with the opposite sex. If you now have a male dog, then choose a female dog as the match. Well, this idea seems good because dogs with the same sex tend to fight. Nevertheless, if your dogs are well-trained, spayed or neutered with good socialized behavior, sex will not be a big matter to consider.
At this point, we can say that before you are choosing the best second dog to bring to your home, it is a must to monitor the interactions that had been done by your dog closely. This is the first matter. You do not want to see him uncomfortable just because you bring a second dog to home while he is suffering for loving the cute dog next door.

The New Dog’s Needs

Since you will be the parent of the new dog, it is important to make sure that you are ready to complete all her needs. For example, if you want to bring a new, short-haired dog to your home, you should know that the dog needs minimal grooming. Here, you should think again before adding the dog to the needs of routine bathing and haircuts. In addition, if your current dog is the total couch potato and you bring the new active dog to your home, do you have enough time to train the new dog?

Before Choosing The Second Dog

We suggest you let the dogs have a neutral territory. What can you do here? Well, you can start by adding a fence or other barrier that will separate the current and the new dogs at home. This is much better instead of having the dogs on leashes that can even make them so aggressive. After that, you should spend more time to observe their interactions. If you think that the dogs enjoy and welcome each other, looks like they are open to meeting. It is also the sign that they are interested in each other. This is a good sign that means you have a hope to make them play together as soon as possible. Nevertheless, if one of them starts barking, feel dislike and bothered, it means that they cannot go together. You should find another dog for the right match.

So, if you have found the right dog, you should also start the introduction properly. These two dogs will need more time to adapt and accept each other.
In conclusion, if you want to add a second dog to your home, the main thing to consider is whether you have enough time or not to check their interactions. Your time will be a valuable point and even the key that will determine the introduction between the two dogs. Keep in mind that it is good to start everything gradually. Meet them up with the barrier to avoid aggressive behaviors while they are still able to start the interaction. Make sure that each dog has their own territory so they still feel safe and comfortable in the meetings.