These Things Will Work When Your Dog Gets Bored

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Have you played with your dog today? Why is he get bored?
Dogs are cute animals that they love to interact and socialize. They are energetic and they love to play. Therefore, if there is nothing to do, they can easily get into bored puppies. In this condition, they actually need some interesting things to do. On the other hands, their great fun will not something fun for you. They can even destroy your home properties while they are ignoring their safety to enjoy their fun things.
The boredom may happen and you can even see the sign of the boredom. Nevertheless, this is the challenge for the busy owner. It depends on you the ways your dog refocuses in its energy.
Why Dogs Get Bored

Why Dogs Get Bored

This animal does not come with an off-switch. If you feel the same, then you should be happy because an active dog means he is healthy. If your dog gets bored with not enough attention, interaction, and toys, they can act desperately, show their bad behavior, and even frustrated.
It can be more difficult for them to stop problem behaviors. Therefore, it is important to your dog gets lots of opportunities to show their expressions positively. Besides, it is important to make sure that your dogs know about the behaviors you cannot accept.
Introducing a dog into a multi-dog household provides some advantages since they can play together as the playmates. Nevertheless, bored puppies can frustrate the older dogs and annoy them.
If you have singleton puppies, you should keep them entertained. You should help your puppies physically active and healthy by engaging their physical and brain in a more productive way such as training and do some activities.
Why Dogs Get Bored

What Are The Sign Of Boredom In Dogs

The only way for all dogs to express their boredom is their bad behaviors. Dogs that are bored when you ignored and left him alone in the fenced yard can bark. Their goal is to hear your voice, to invite you to come as well.
Other dogs may decide to dig their way out of the backyard just to find a more interesting place to have fun. They look for the more exciting things to do once after they are able to escape from all fences in the yard. This is a common sign that your dogs get bored and this habit is difficult to break.
Otherwise, your dogs may chew out of the boredom. It can be a problematic habit if they don’t know whether they are chewing the right object or not.
What Are The Sign Of Boredom In Dogs
What Are The Sign Of Boredom In Dogs

How To Handle Dogs Boredom

You can breathe now that there are many ways to handle their boredom and even stop their bad habits when they get bored as below:

  • Your dogs get bored just because they use the same old toy every day, every week, and every month. Don’t blame them if they get bored. What can you do if you only to stay at home and just play one thing? In this condition, the way to solve the matter is to provide your dogs with several toys. It takes three to four toys for each dog so they don’t have to fight each other just to play the same toy. If you have a single puppy, it is better to provide him with eight to ten toys since he doesn’t have a playmate.
  • Rotate toys to keep them fresh. This is what you should do to make sure that your dogs don’t get bored with their toys instead of buying more toys. To start, it is good to make a schedule and then swap out the toys for every two to three days.
  • The puzzle toys can be a good offer for your dog. You can use Orbee Tuff Mazee since this toy is able to take your dog’s attention for quite long. The toys with the places to hide his treats will be his favorite toy ever. You can rotate the kind of treats as well to remove the boredom. For example, provide peanut butter, cream cheese, liverwurst, and other treats.
  • Chew opportunities are good to provide if you have puppies. Teething puppies is good to provide to relive the tender gums. For dogs in all ages, chewing is the best way to reduce their boredom and stress. You can provide rawhide chews, dental chews and other safe chew-options such as sterilized bones as long as your vet allowed it.
  • If your dog loves to kick up dirt, it is good to facilitate your dog with a sandbox and then hide some of his favorite toys there for his pleasure. If you provide a place to dig, of course, this can stop his habit to dig and to create any damage in the yard.
  • Some dogs don’t mind to reduce their boredom by watching a video or listening to music. You can do something like turning your TV on to watch the animal program that your dog will enjoy when you have to leave.
  • Another way to help your bored dog out of the trouble is by nose work. Sniffing out engages the dog’s brain, senses, and support his paws too. Here, you can create a treasure hunt and let him follow his sense to find the rewards. Let him find his favorite treats like Hansel and Gretel smelly crumbs, stuffed Kongs, dry dog biscuits and others in the yard before you are leaving for the day. Make sure that you pick you’re the treats up to avoid any bugs finding them if your dog fails with the test. Doing this will make you spend a little time to show your puppy where you hid is treats and after that, his nose is ready to handle the rest. We think this is the best way to reduce boredom for some hunting dogs like Golden Retrievers or Labradors.
  • Separating the new puppies from the older dogs until you are sure that each of them can be a good playmate by looking at their interaction. If they can interact well, then you can let them play together. On the other hands, you can provide a baby gate so that your dogs are safely separated but still can see each other without getting bored.

In the end, it is good to plan ahead to keep your pups entertained and to reduce boredom that will cut their bad habits. And they will live happily ever after.
Why Dogs Get Bored