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These Presidents Definitely Believed in Bulsh*t Aliens?

3. Bill Clinton

president bill clinton giving his inaugural address

He thinks there’s a chance other life exists. | Pool/AFP/Getty Images

When Bill Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014, he talked about what he thought of aliens and UFOs, according to Mashable. Clinton said he thought the White House would get a lot of mail on the Area 51 Roswell incident anniversary, so he had all of the Roswell documents reviewed. “First I had people go look at the records on Area 51 to make sure there was no alien down there,” Clinton said on the show. space science space science to know universe science

Clinton also said he thinks there’s a good chance that other life does exist out in the universe and pointed out that many planets outside of our solar system might be able to support life. “It makes it increasingly less likely that we’re alone,” said Clinton. space science space science to know universe science

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