The Ultimate Tips To Overweight Hikers Must Read

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Do you have a big dream to become an outdoor woman? Well, do not let your size or your weight to become the real matter in your life. It is all about your dreams, so don’t wait for something.

Her name is Heather. She is 30 years old and it is not a matter for her to become an overweight woman. She is not a lazy girl and she does not dedicate her life to enjoy too much snack. It was her picture when she was at Glacier National Park in 2017 for her summer backpacking trip. She said that the glacial lake was everything. It is the amazing treat after spending 4.5 miles of hiking with 700 feet of elevation gain.
For an overweight hiker, hiking is a great challenge but it is not a big matter if you also complete it as your enjoyment and challenging twist. The weight of her personal body weight and the daypack was about 10 to 15 pounds. This was the ultimate reason why she dealt with the trail a little hard. At first, she thought that she did not look like the average hikers, especially for the girls, but she could accept herself to become the avid hiking girl with her big interest in outdoors.

It was sad to hear that Heather has been suffering from a syndrome, known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS. It is the hellacious syndrome and affects her body. The patients of this syndrome will have different conditions and symptoms. What happened to her was the dominance of estrogen levels. Also, her thyroid was not working properly. Her cortisol and adrenals always made her exhausted. These things were the reason that she grew up riding horses, hiking, playing basketball and volleyball, and snowboarding. She had a great set of muscular legs along with a brain that always motivated her to seek and conquer what she wanted.

Being outdoors with her conditions make her spirit and soul high again

This is also the reason why she always feels alive. The actual studies found that being outdoors will support cortisol levels and these are great for women’s health. Nevertheless, the challenge is always there. For overweight hikers, they want to become an active hiker in the outdoors. Just like Heather, she spent her time to walk into the outdoor stores with the hope to find some pieces of equipment in her size but she found nothing. Besides, for the fat girl hiking, it would be hard to find wool base layers. What heather did was to come across a few companies and find the offer of extended sizes.

Technically, not all overweight people have poor health. Many overweight people have this problem yet with no negative markers that affect them. So, if you want to know how to hike while being overweight, here are the tips for you:

  1. Trekking poles will be your best friend. You can use it to stabilize your body while hiking and keep your body balanced over the rocky terrains.
  2. Drink enough water and electrolytes. It is not easy to deal with the terrain and the energy to spend to carry your weight and your pack.
  3. Walk somewhere as your daily routine. If possible, you can use stairs. This is good to train your muscles so you used to walk and even run for a long trek.
  4. Try doing squats and you will never regret about how it will impact your health. You can try doing squats while doing lunges or dishes at home.
  5. Wear clothes that support you with good maneuverability. This is good to support you to move more comfortably, down and up the hills, as well.
  6. Do not overpack, just pack what you need. This is good since the destination you head to may offer high feet of elevation gain. Overpacking will only make you feel discomfort, increase the burden on your back and take more of your energy. The case would be different if you bring what you need.
  7. Do not underestimate the use of anti-chafing balm.
  8. Hiking is all about jumping out of your comfort zone. Of course, everyone gets tired and they feel like they are all about to die when they reach the destination. It also means that they will not judge you. Don’t even feel like you are uncomfortable or awkward.
  9. You only have to get there and you will. Therefore, make sure that you stay calm and okay if you are walking behind them. If you need to take many breaks, it does not a big deal.
  10. Hike with the right gear only. Just make sure that you feel comfortable with your gear to help you reach the destination.
  11. Have a commitment with the trail in front of you. We believe you can and you should think so.
  12. Be aware of your trail and surroundings.
  13. Have an encouragement buddy.
  14. Hiking is all about your skill level and your health condition. It also means you should not force your body too much that will hurt your body and even make your health is in a big problem. In fact, hiking is hard because the elevation gain is the biggest concern. You also have to pay attention to your breathing. If you think that you cannot catch your breath and if you can breathe normally after taking 10-minutes of the break, it is good to go back down and try next time. Don’t worry.

The last important thing all fat girl hikers need to know is that you should never ever let anyone tell you if you are too big to deal with the outdoor activities. Surely you can climb, hike, jump, board, swim, and trek your way through the backcountry and wilderness. Just enjoy the great outdoors like others. What you should deal with are your limits. It would be great to train properly since this is the main key to be able to finish your trek.