The Toxic-Free DIY Mosquito Repellent That Can Last All Day

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We all hate the itchy mosquito bites. On the other hands, the risk of mosquito bite can lead to West Nile Virus. It can cause neuroinvasive diseases such as encephalitis and meningitis. We also have to protect our family from the Zika virus in other countries.
But people often hesitate to apply DEET-containing mosquito repellents to themselves and particularly to their children’s skin, because of its toxicity. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics advises that there should be no more than one application of DEET per day for children. And the repellents that contain DEET don’t last all day. But, there is a DIY mosquito repellent that contains natural ingredients proven to protect people from mosquitos.

Why DEET Application is No Longer Recommended

DEET is the toxic chemical. It can lead to some side effects. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, here are some side effects of the DEET:

  • Hives, skin redness and irritation, blistering, burning and permanent scarring
  • Temporary burning and redness to the eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Disorientation and clumsiness when walking
  • Breathing difficulty, coughing, tremors, seizures and loss of alertness of accidentally swallowed
  • Coma and death

What Should You Do?
With the potential side effects of DEET, it is important to try for a natural DIY mosquito repellent. It can be the best protection to make at home even with the simple ingredients as below. If you want to make it, make sure that you follow the measurement properly:

  1. Lemon eucalyptus oil
  2. Witch hazel
  3. Vanilla extract

This is the delicious scented concoction and this way is DEET-free. If you have to deal with the mosquito season, it is the right time to make it. Besides, it can be the alternative for the store-bought repellent. It is safe for your kids, as well.

FAQs About This DIY Mosquito Repellent

Do you know how this natural repellent works?
Well, lemon eucalyptus oil has menthoglycol. According to many studies, the menthoglycol works as the repellent. It also has the same effectiveness as the DEET, but it does not have harmful side effects.
Commonly, we can find this oil from the natural food section of the grocery store or the vitamin aisle. Even though lemongrass and citronella can work, but they only can combat mosquitoes for 30 minutes and after that, you must reapply them.
Is it Important to Add Vanilla Extract?
Well, this is optional. If you add it, then your repellant will be more effective than before.
It does not a big deal if you have no hazel candy. You can still have some alternatives such as rubbing alcohol, cooking oil, and vodka.