The Things You Should Know Before Growing Spider Plants

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Do you like spider plants? Have you planned about planting the spider plants? Do you know all the kind of spider plants? What kind of spider plants that you like most? Let us discuss this plant.
This plant has a scientific name also called with Cloropythum comosum. This plant has already spread throughout the world although this plant comes from Africa. The height of the spider plant can reach up to 60 cm. So many people love with this plant.
Why To Plant Spider Plants

Why To Plant Spider Plants

There are some reasons why so many people love this plant. First, this plant is easy to plant. Second, it can live for a long time even for a century. Third, there is no problem if you forget to give it weekly watering. Fourth, this plant can receive all level of light. Fifth, you can find this plant easily. Sixth, this spider plant can become air cleaner. It caused spider plant can absorb some bad substance such as xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and chemical in the rubber, leather or printing industries. From all the reason above, it is possible if so many people love this plant. Even you can call that this plant is easiest plants to plant and give you some advantages.

Types Of Spider Plants

Talking about the types of spider plant actually, this plant has 3 main types, they are: green, variegated and curly. Even spider plant has 3 types, not all type can you find easily. Most of the spider plant that easies to find is belong to a variegated type. Other two types of spider plant are not easy to find, but for the green type, you can buy in online or in an independent supplier. eBay is a good choice for you if you want to have the curly type.

 The Way To Multiply Your Spider Plant

Thinking about having spider plant more? You do not need to buy more spider plant. But, you can multiply your spider plant or you make new spider plant from your spider plant. Here is the way: You only need to choose your healthiest spider plant that you want to multiply. Cut or remove the little plantlets in its’ long stem. After that put the little plantlets on the top of the moist potting soil, or put the plantlets in the soil around the mother plant. Wait for some weeks then you will see that the plantlets have roots and become new spider plant. When the new plants older enough, you can put it to the other container even you can make a big container full by the spider plant by using that way.
 The Way To Multiply Your Spider Plant

Some Things That You Should Know

Are you people who care with spider plants? Have you already know what you should know? Here is the information that you should know when caring the spider plants:

  • Even spider plant can receive all level of light, but this spider plant belongs to one of the plants that like bright light. Never put this spider plants in a place where get direct sunlight. You should avoid it. How about putting the spider plant on low light? Your spider plant will still able to grow even you put them on low light. But, it can be your spider plant will not produce plantlets. So, put the spider plant in bright light with indirect light to get healthier spider plant.
  • You need to check your spider plants every 4 until 5 days to make sure that its’ soil dry or not. You need watering it when the soil is dry. Actually, this plant will grow better in drier soil, but never let the soil too dry. When you watering the soil and you give them too much water, you just need to let the excess water falling down from the bottom of the pot.
  • It recommended using a water-soluble fertilizer to fertilize your spider plant monthly, especially in spring and summer. Stop to fertilize for a while when your tip leaves’ spider plant turning brown. It is a sign that your spider plant gets over fertilization. Just follow the instruction that wrote in the label of the water-soluble fertilizer to avoid it.
  • Insect always becomes a problem for plants. Spider plants also have a problem with the insect. These are some insect that you will find when carrying spider plants are aphids, spider mites, scales, and whiteflies. To avoid the insect hold on the plants, you need to give your spider plant with enough water, indirect bright light, and good air circulation.

Favorite Cultivars Of Spider Plants

Favorite Cultivars Of Spider Plants

There are so many varieties of spider plants, but some of the spider plants become favorite cultivars. It caused they’re variegated, their texture, even their leaf shape. Here are some spider plants that become the favorite option:

  • Bonnie: this spider plant has green curly and twisty
  • Hawaiian: this spider plant has many green and white young leaves then it will be fade become green when they become older. This plant is also unique because the older plant the more it has a striking multicolor look.
  • Variegated Bonnie: this spider plant has striped creamy white in their green leaves.
  • Zebra Grass: this plant has long and straight leaves with edged white. Their leaves’ color is green.

Other Spider Plants’ Varieties

Here are other spider plants’ varieties:

  • A spider plant that has lance-shaped green leaves. It leaves also closely resemble with evergreen in Chinese. It has an orange leaves stem. This spider plant called orchid spider plant
  • A spider plant which has bright green leaves, most width leaves, a central white stripe is called Vittatum variegated spider plant.
  • A spider plant itself has solid green leaves with white flower color.

Those all are some information about spider plants. Having spider plants in your house will be a good choice. Because it can make your home beautiful, fresher and help you absorb some bad substances. For additional information, you can put this spider plants in containers or hanging baskets. Don’t you think that is interesting, right?
Other Spider Plants’ Varieties