The List Of Discoveries That Raised More Questions Than Answers in the Scientific World

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Sometimes it seems that humanity already knows everything. It is in those very moments when new discoveries are made that turn our world and our views of it upside down.

We tell you about some finds that contributed to the understanding of the world’s history but left scientists with more questions than answers. We also prepared a surprising bonus for you at the end of this article.

Neolithic lovers

7 Discoveries That Raised More Questions Than Answers in the Scientific World

A couple of skeletons was found several years ago in Mantova, Italy. These are the skeletons of a man and a woman that were buried around 6000 years ago. Archaeologists that studied the couple claimed that Neolithic double burials were very rare, and this was the first time they saw a couple buried in such a position.

This couple is also called Romeo and Juliet. It happened because the city of Verona that was described by Shakespear as the hometown of his characters is very close to Mantova.

Amphipolis and the unknown tomb

7 Discoveries That Raised More Questions Than Answers in the Scientific World

A tomb was found in Amphipolis, Greece. Inside the tomb, there were two tall marble statues that guarded the entrance. These statues are called caryatides.

Thanks to this find, archaeologists and historians could suggest to whom this tomb belonged. One version says that it was the grave of Olimpia. Another version says that this grave belonged to Roxana, the wife of Alexander the Great. The third version denies that these tombs were somehow related to the family of Alexander the Great.

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