The Forgotten Keys to Fat Loss

Anyone who’s spent a sleepless night channel surfing or perused the magazine rack in the grocery store can’t help but notice the number of infomercials and articles claiming to be the “next best thing” for winning the “battle of the bulge.” Seemingly everyone claims to have the hidden secret to fat loss – whether it’s following “x” diet or “y” exercise routine.

Unfortunately these sales pitches have a dichotomous effect on us. On one hand, the more we watch and read and dissect the avalanche of information, the more hopeful we are that we can make things happen. Conversely, deep down, we can also feel paralyzed because we know that it’s just not that easy.

If this endless loop of television shows, news stories, websites, books, magazines, and DVDs tells us how we can go about getting our sexy on…why are we still overweight and searching for answers?

Let’s sift through the noise. As it turns out, there are really only two important keys to losing fat. That’s right, two. It’s just that everybody forgets them. So what are they?

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