The Best Ways To Find A New House For Your Dog

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It is heartbreaking to give up your beloved dog. We understand that it is such a very difficult decision. Now, you are trying hard to help your dog find a new house. Since it is not something easy at all to say goodbye, it is crucial to take the right steps so you can help your dog to have a happy life.

When You Really Feel You Cannot Keep Your Dog

This is a hard decision and you should take your time and think again. You are going to give up to your dog, and therefore, you have to explore all possible options. Find the biggest reason why you cannot keep your dog anymore. For example, you just give up because your dog has a medical issue. If it happens, the solution is to talk to your vet about the possible options. If you give up to your dog because of the behavior problem, you can still get help from an animal behaviorist or a dog trainer. If it is all about the money, you actually can solve the problem by working on the budget and find the best ways to save your money while caring for your dog. Again, your decision will determine whether you are going to find a new owner for the dog or not.

Things To Do If You Must Give Up Your Dog

At this point, you have tried everything and still, you cannot keep your dog. Well, everything is back to you to find the best home for your dog. Here, you must be a good owner with your responsibility to do the right thing. If you end up bringing your dog in the shelters, the overcrowding can lead to euthanasia. There is big evidence that millions of pets deal with overcrowding shelters dealing with euthanasia for every year. It means that bringing your dog to the animal control means that you are sending your dog to become euthanized.
Things To Do If You Must Give Up Your Dog
On the other hands, just because your individual matter, it is not acceptable to abandon your dog. It is hard to believe how some people just move away and then leave their dog behind or drive their dogs out of the country to leave them all alone. Don’t let yourself lose your human sense just to get rid of your dog. This is the cruelest thing a person can do.

Finding a New Home for Your Dog

Finding a New Home for Your Dog
Your responsibility is still there to find the best home as best as possible for your dog. If you have no idea how to find the new home for your dog, here are the best ways to start:

  1. You can write up the short fact sheet about your dog to help others know some information about your dogs such as the age, the breed, size, temperament, health, and personality. Just be honest about your dog by including the health concerns and behavior and after that, you can include the cute photos. You are going to make a small poster or flyer for the distribution. Don’t forget to add your personal information such as your last name address. Telling the true information about your dog will make a new owner can understand your dog completely. Don’t even tell something that is not about your dog. If you make the new owner disappointed, it will ruin the new life of your dog.
  2. Tell your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and even acquaintances that you are in need of a new home for your dog. They will have a lot of time to listen to your situation, the fact you think your dog needs a new home and give them the copies of the dog’s flyer.
  3. The powerful way is to post all the information about your dog on the Internet, such as your social media. Here, you should again, explain your situation and let the potential new parent knows more about the dog by describing your dog in details. You can add cute photos of your dog in the post to show about his unique personality. Make sure that the information about your dog can go over the web by inviting your friends to share your post. However, you should not post your personal information like address or last name.
  4. Don’t even try to hide everything when it comes to your dog details like the medical issues and behavior problems. Doing this thing is unfair for both of your dog and the new family. It is important to disclose the things in advance. For example, if you cannot keep your dog due to the aggressive behavior, it is irresponsible to rehome your dog. Actually, you can solve this problem by sending the dog to the training class by seeing a trainer or behaviorist. You couldn’t be happier if you see that your dog shows a great improvement before rehoming. It is possible if your dog can solve the issues with you.
  5. It is also great to tell your vet and staff about the situation so they can offer help. For example, they can help you post your dog’s flyer in the lobby and even put the information on their social media. It is unfair for your dog if you drop your dog off for the service and then you do not come back to pick your dog up. You should not abandon your dog in the veterinary office.
  6. Patience is the big key on how to find the right home for your dog. It is not easy to find and it can take your time. If there are some potential new owners available, do not directly give the dog to them. You should check them out well with the expectation that your dog will not need a new home again after you are giving up the dog. In this case, you can start the first meeting in the neutral public area. You can ask for the character references or the employment information to verify that they are the new responsible owners. If possible, ask to see your homes and meet the family members or other pets. If they have pets at home, it is good to ask for the medical references and the recommendation letter from their vet.
  7. In the end, when you cannot keep your dog in your home anymore, the last thing to do is to contact the animal rescue group in your area. This is a good way to find someone that can foster your dog. We encourage everyone that euthanizing your dog is not the right choice. It is unfair to abandon dog just because it takes time to find a new home.

Finding a New Home for Your Dog