The Benefits of Brushing Your Dogs Teeth Every Day

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Dogs have five times risk of gum disease compared to people. Well, if you worry about this fact, it is still possible to prevent any dental issues with quick brushing daily.
Brushing for your dog is not the most fun activity to do so. It is not the best thing that highlights your day with your dog. On the other hands, brushing his teeth is not something bad, we promise. It is better to brush his teeth 20 times instead of clipping her nails once. If you have no idea on how to brush his teeth or if you are not sure how to start this activity, here is the quick guide.
Daily Brushing Cannot Guarantee No Dental Problems

Daily Brushing Cannot Guarantee Free Dental Problems

Let us become realistic that daily brushing cannot guarantee your dog to have any dental problems in his lifetime. The right is that brushing can prevent major problems. When it is all about oral care, it is all about the little prevention. You want to help your dogs from any serious issues like periodontal disease.

Preventing The Buildup of Plaque and Tartar

This is the main benefit of brushing his teeth every day. By preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar, it can prevent any dental issues. Brushing decreases the buildup. If we let the buildup there, it can cause some dental diseases.
Talking about the plaque, it is the sticky substance that can form on his teeth after eating. Plaque accumulates and starts mixing with saliva and bacteria so it turns to harden and go into tartar. When it comes to teeth tartar, this is quite bad. If you left intact tartar, it will spread under his gumline and lead to gingivitis as well as periodontal disease. It can lead to more serious problems like bone loss, loose teeth, infection, swelling, and irritation.
For this reason, brushing his tooth everyday prevent from tartar developing on his teeth. Plaque can turn into tartar in just 36 hours. Therefore, if you brush his teeth daily, it removes plaque from his teeth before it turns into tartar buildup. You should brush his teeth once a day or twice a week. You will need a professional dental cleaning to remove tartar.
Preventing The Buildup of Plaque and Tartar

Dental Disease Can Cause Fatal Health Issues

To us, dental health is not the first prior when we want to keep our dog healthy. Talking of dental health, it is an important part of his well-being. If you ignore the dental issues even though it is minor, it can cause some serious health problems.
Some minor problems are gum inflammation or the symptoms of periodontal disease. Even though these are the minor problems, keep in mind that things like that can cause discomfort. If you leave your dog untreated, the problems are still there, even getting worst that can lead to tissue and bone destruction. Dental problems can even lead to serious complications like liver and kidney dysfunction. The worst part is it can cause some diseases like bone infections, sepsis, liver abscesses and these are fatal diseases.
Dental Disease May Link To Serious Health Issues

Dogs Are Quite Good To Hide Dental Problems

Most dogs are able to hide pain and they are the professionals to do that. They can hide pain quite good including any discomfort in their mouth. That is their natural instinct. Therefore, it is important to become attentive when you notice any changes in behavior so you know that your dog is in pain.
Here are the common symptoms of dental pain in dogs:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Trouble eating
  • Red or bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Nasal discharge or sneezing
  • Bad breath
  • Excessive drooling

You should pay attention to his mouth and teeth. You need to brush his teeth every day to remove any buildup and to notice any changes early. If you see any changes in his mouth like bleeding gums or loose teeth, it is better to call your vet. Call your vet if you also see any changes in behavior.
The saddest part of dogs are about 85% of dogs up to 4 years old have to deal with the periodontal disease. Therefore, you should reduce the risk by cleaning his teeth every day.
Brushing His Teeth Prevents Dental Problems And Saves Money

Brushing His Teeth Prevents Dental Problems And Saves Money

Brushing his teeth can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Well, we do not mean to say that brushing his teeth can prevent any health issues to come. It is all about catching them early.
Brushing his teeth means that you can prevent and even detect any dental problems before the matters are serious. If you left untreated the dental issues in dogs, you will end up with major health problems in your dog that costs you a lot to do the treatments.
Periodontal disease, for example, needs expensive treatment. You need to clean his teeth. To do so, you will need professional teeth cleanings with the use of anesthesia and that is expensive. You can spend a couple of hundred dollars for this treatment. The cost can be more expensive if you do a large or deep cleaning with any extractions are required for your dogs.

Dental Care Freshen His Breath

Puppy breath is different from adults dogs. Some dogs have bad breath because they have dental or gum disease. If you brush his teeth every day, you can keep his teeth clean, remove buildup and keep his breath smelling fresh.
It is better to consult your vet if your dog has bad breath or even if there are any sudden changes in his breath smell. It can be a sign of other problems like kidney or diabetes issues.

You Can Notice Changes or Issues Early

If you catch the Periodontal disease in your dogs early, you can prevent and treat it. Brushing his teeth every day will make you able to spot and note any changes in his mouth. If you notice something unusual, you should make an appointment with your vet to avoid any serious problems.

If You Cannot Brush Your Teeth

What should you do if you cannot brush your teeth just, for example, you are afraid to try it for the first time?
Not all dogs feel fine when it comes to brushing teeth. Some dogs may not comfortable to get their teeth brushed. If it happens to you, we recommend you to do a professional cleaning. A professional tooth cleaning is expensive but it can save your money in the long run since they do it properly to prevent health problems linked with the dental disease. It is better to do dental cleaning annually.