Steps To Grow Tomatoes With A Perfect Start

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Do you have a plan to enjoy the best crop of tomatoes? Tomatoes are one of the best vegetables that contribute many things in our life, such as our health. We can take tomatoes to support building our muscles, to support healthy hair treatment, to keep your heart in a good condition, to control your cholesterol level, and even to support weight loss. Best of all, tomatoes are the great vegetable to prevent cancer. It is amazing if you plant and grow tomatoes in your backyard and then harvest them for your kitchen supplies.
If so, take these 10 tips to plant your tomatoes for a perfect start.

Biodegradable Pots

Biodegradable pots or peat pots make your time to plant tomatoes are extra easy. Just dig the hole and then put in the plant. Continue by filling in the soil. You don’t even need to take the plants out of the pot when it grows.
Cutting off the extra peat-pot sides that stick above the potting mix is important. Doing this is helpful because it will prevent the pots dry out faster compared to the surrounding soil so that the plants are not thirsty and about to die.
Biodegradable Pots

Feeding Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes are like growing kids. Tomatoes are the heavy feeders. Therefore, you should provide organic matter like compost to the soil. Providing them the early boost will reduce the need of fertilizer into the soil when you plant them.

Planting Time

When you are ready to plant tomatoes, it is important to note that you should concern on the extra-strong root system. To do so, you should plant tomatoes on their sides. It is because these plants will form roots all the way along the stems. To do this system means you have to remove any leaves around the stems that you want to cover under the soil. Burying the leaves will rot and encourage diseases.
Planting Time

Watering Tomatoes

Help your tomatoes to establish by giving freshly plants the extra water. Do this in the first week or two rights after you are planting them. When they are still young, these plants are easy to dry out.

Staking Tomatoes

Speaking about the categories of tomatoes, you should know two basic things, which are determinate and indeterminate. We call determinate tomatoes as bush tomatoes. In this category, you should put on most of their growth right before they are ready to bloom and to produce fruits. On the other hands, the indeterminate tomatoes can keep growing right after they are ready to bloom so that this category can grow large that even reach up to 6-feet tall.
In this case, you should stack the indeterminate tomatoes so they can stand well. Besides, doing this way will help the plants to stay healthy. This way will also make you easier to harvest the fruits.
Staking Tomatoes

Planting In Pots

If you have planted tomatoes but found trouble, it is good to start planting tomatoes in the containers. You can use large containers with the high-quality potting mix to support your plants to reduce the potential fungal diseases.
We recommend you to choose a big container for your tomatoes. The bigger the pot, of course, the less often you will have to water the plants.

Adding Red Mulch

Mulch is great for the garden, but according to the research, the best choice is to use red plastic mulch so that your plants are more productive. Using red mulch like this can increase the productivity by 20 percent. How does it work?
Red mulch works to help the soil conserve the moisture longer especially during the hot and dry periods with inhibits weeds.
Staking Tomatoes

Handling The Cutworms

Young vegetables are the delicious and tasty food for the hungry cutworm. Therefore, it is important to do something to save your plants. For example, the effective way to protect your tomatoes is to give the plants a collar of the newspaper.
The alternative way is to cut the top and the bottom off a tin can. After that, you can sink the can into the soil around the plants. Doing this way is useful because it makes you able to create a barrier around the plant so that the cutworms have no choice unless to go for finding another dinner.

Protecting Your Tomatoes

There are various devices even around your home to help you protect your plants from the cold during the growing season. The easiest and the simplest way are to make a cloche from an old milk jug.  We are sure that you have old milk jug around your home because you don’t have any idea to use it. It does not a big deal if you don’t have it. You can even ask your neighbors or friends whether they have unused milk jug or not. They would be happy to give this thing to you.
What you should do is to cut the bottom of the jug. After that, set it over the plants. You should also leave the top open to make sure that the cloche is not getting too hot inside especially on sunny days. Don’t you think that this is an amazing idea?
Protecting Your Tomatoes

Handling The Foliage

The next important thing is to concern on the foliage. It is important to make sure that you should keep the foliage dry. Tomatoes are susceptible to various diseases. Therefore, you should keep the plants healthy. One of the best ways to keep tomato plants healthy is by using a soaker hose for watering so that there will be no wet foliage around the plants. If your plants have wet foliage in the late evening, afternoon or nighttime, it will encourage the common fungal diseases attacking your plant like blight.
As you see, planting and growing plants are about your passion and patience. It is like a big award after spending few weeks planting them and in the end, you can harvest them with the best crops. Take your time to learn more about tomatoes and it is worth for your time. Happy planting!