Start Dropping Pounds With These 13 Simple Weight Loss Tips You Can Try Today

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You’ve made a conscious choice to change your diet regimen and start exercising daily, but you are still struggling with hunger pangs in the late afternoon and binging from time to time, mostly because our body is still craving that overabundance of sugars, carbs, and “bad” fats that you have been consuming for so long. Consider the following 13 tips to curb those cravings and get yourself on track to a long-term healthy diet:

1. Take A Kitchen Inventory

Open all your kitchen cabinets and take an actual food inventory. Remove all the foods that are cluttering your junk food cabinet and replace them with healthy alternatives. This includes your refrigerator bins that are stocked with foods high in sugar and packed with sodium. Replace them with fresh vegetables and fruits, yogurt, and “good” fats like hummus.

2. Regulate Your Sleep

An irregular sleep schedule means that your body’s metabolism function doesn’t give the proper amount of time to process fat that you consumed throughout the day. So, keeping a regular sleep schedule that ranges from 7-9 hours per night will result in immediate weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week and reduce cravings for sweet and salty foods.

3. Diet Conservatively

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone beginning a new diet regimen can make is completely eliminating all the “bad” foods immediately from their diet. Our bodies crave what we are used to having, so putting yourself in a situation where you remove all those foods at once makes it that much harder for you to stick to a new diet routine.

Give yourself a break and “cheat” about 20% of the time at first until your body adjusts to having the “good” foods at least 80% of the time. Eventually, the cravings will go away and you will be eating healthy 100% of each day.

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