Scientist Proven: 6 Good Reasons To Get Cats

Scientist Proven: 6 Good Reasons To Get Cats

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Scientist Proven: 6 Good Reasons To Get Cats

Dog or cat? If you’re faced with that choice right now, here are six compelling arguments for pet purring.

So, a cat must be obtained to:

  1. Get rid of depression

The presence of a cat in the house has a positive impact on human health. When you pet a cat, your body begins to intensively produce oxytocin – the hormone of love and trust. Thanks to this, the general level of anxiety decreases and a feeling of calm and satisfaction appears. Even watching videos and ordinary photos with the participation of a household with a mustache can diffuse negative emotions. Cat’s purring also has a unique therapeutic effect. It affects the so-called pleasure center in the human brain, it increases the production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

  1. Look smarter

Cat owners have the highest IQ levels among pet lovers, according to research scientists. Cat lovers are also more quiet and sensitive. They like to be alone for long periods of time, read books more often, do not rely on other people’s opinions and are ready to defend their interests to the end.

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