Psychologists and Divorce Lawyers Recommend Asking 10 Special Questions on a First Date

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Divorce lawyers and family psychologists are the best people to help you recognize the red flags of coupledom. Due to their experience, they can immediately detect which personality features will cause minor upsets, and which ones will become a huge problem in future and may lead to break-ups. So, they’re really good advisors when it comes to first dates.

WE researched experts’ advice regarding first dates and put together the 10 main important questions which will help you to see the person from the inside out, simple and easy.

1. Are you married?

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Some people will think that it’s a weird question, and some are just too shy to ask it. However, it’s a very important question which needs a clear answer. Divorce attorney Randall M. Kessler explains that “we’re going to break up,” “everything’s complicated,” “we’re separated,” and “we’re going to get divorced soon” is not the same as “I’m free.” Make sure that the person you want to be in a relationship with is also ready for a serious relationship with you.

2. Do you make your bed in the morning?

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Danielle Kepler, a family psychologist, believes that this simple question reveals a person’s priorities: what is more important — cleanness and tidiness or time, do they prefer a slow-paced life or want to live fast? This question also provides opportunity to continue the conversation and find out whether your date is a late or early bird, and what they like to do in the morning.

3. Do you read reviews or rely on your intuition?

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This question can easily reveal whether you are different than your date or similar, meaning whether your date is a sensing or intuitive type and whether that aligns with who you are. Some people can’t buy a toothbrush without reading hundreds of reviews, while others can go on vacation and book a hotel without looking at a single review. If you belong to different types and your date’s behavior irritates you, it’s definitely reasonable to think over whether you’d be capable of living together.

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