Preventing Deer From Eating In Your Garden Tips

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Have you a Garden near with the deer animal? Did deer ever eat some your flowers and vegetables that you plant in the garden? Do you have a big problem with it? Here is some information about deer that you maybe you need to keep your garden save.

Knowing What The Deer Likes

As you know that deer like some plants including vegetables, flowers, and fruits, so you should know what are plants deer likes? First is a vegetable plant, such as hosta, pansy, ivy, lettuce, and more other young plants. Second is flowers plant, such as roses, tulips, and lilies. Third is fruits plant, you should know that the deer like all kinds of fruits and for the flowers, the deer will still eat your plant even you put it in the containers.
Knowing What The Deer Likes

Identify Deer Damage

When you see that there was something wrong with your gardens, such as clipped leaves, blossom, buds that vanished overnight, small piles, hoof prints in the soil, woody shrub branches and some scrapes on your lovely tree trunks. All of those are some signal that deer inviting your garden. You should know that deer can reach high leaves until six feet.
Identify Deer Damage

Some Ways To Deterrent Deer


Odor can be one of the way to deterrent the deer, some odors that usually use in the garden are: blood meal, fabric softener, mothballs, processed sewage, and decaying fish heads. But, you should know that odor will not deterrent deer for a long time. It means that odor only can use for a few days. It also belongs to how long the deer can adjust them.


Some certain items and obstacles also you can use to keep your garden from deer. When you have enough time to fence your garden, you can choose this option. Some physical options that can help you keep the deer far away are floodlights, sprinklers, netting, thorny branches, hidden fishing lines, and reflective surfaces.

Garden-protecting fences

If you search the most effective way to keep deer far away from the garden, the fence is the answer. There are some terms that you should do when you will make a fence for your garden. First, the fence should have at least 8 feet foot. If you can make a fence with high about 8 feet, you can try to add some obstacle. Second, the fence should have not any gaps bigger than 6×6 inches, because if more than it the deer can squeeze through and I believe that you do not want it to happen, right? Third, the fence should extend partly underground. You also can try to make two fences which have 4 to 5 foot-high with 3 feet apart.
Garden-protecting fences


If your garden with small plants, you can try to use the net to keep them from deer and another animal like a bird. You also can use the metal stage or black deer netting too. For additional information, the black deer netting also called with invisible netting. It means that it will not block your invisibility garden if it has 8 feet high. But, if you do not want to make a net with that high, you can make 2 lower net fences with some few apart.


Deer belong to an animal that easily spooked. So, some noise can help you to keep the deer away from your lovely garden. Not only that but also the deer also avoid electric wires. Here are some noise deterrents that you can choose for your garden. They are radios, electric wires, noisemakers, flags, whistles, and firecrackers.

Deer sprays

You can make deer spray. It called DIY deer-defying sprays. There are some kinds of sprays that you can choose like hot pepper spray, rotten egg with water, soap spray and other sprays. Do not forget to make your repellant sprays as organic as possible.


Deer belong to an animal which can learn from their experience. So, using the same deterrent to keep deer far away from your garden is not a good choice. But, do not worry, because there are different methods that you can use in every season.
fall season
In this season there will be so many leaves will be falling down from the tree, but you still need to keep and feel worried with your trees. To keep it, you only need to make sure that you use some protect trees in any size to deterrent deer.
winter season
you can stop to make deterrent for a while, As you know that in this season, all the things will be closed by snow and it will make deer will look for a food source, starting from leaves and twigs. This habit will make your branchy misshapen, even eat the whole plant.
spring season
This season is a season which deer like because there will be so many plants and new shoots also buds. Those will look so enticing for deer. It is recommended for you to use spray every two weeks and give a spray to about one or two inches in every new growth that appears.
summer season
The lower growing plants are in danger in this summer season. There are so many plants in the forest will get scorched even die. So, deer will look plants with well-groomed. So, you need to give more attention to your lower growing plants.

Plants Options

Even deer like to eat so many plants, you should know that there are some plants that deer do not like, such as fuzzy, spiny, poisonous, coarse, very aromatic and bitter plants. You can try to plan them. Here are some examples of the plants that deer do not like.
Trees: cedar, ginkgo, hawthorn, magnolia, palm trees, black locust, false cypress, hackberry, Japanese maple, oak, spruce.
Shrubs: abelia, heavenly bamboo, boxwood, cotoneaster, Daphne, flowering quince, holly, mahonia, Pieris, smoke tree, cameras tree, and others shrubs
Perennials: ajuga, aster, Bellflower, Centaurea, fern, iris, lavender, lupine, mint, ornamental onion, viola, Armeria, viola, verbena, yarrow, and other perennials.
Plants Options