Onions Are An Amazing Natural Remedy For Common Illnesses – Here Are 12 Unexpected Uses

6. Earache

If you have an earache, onions can really come in handy. Get a sock, put pieces of onion inside, and get it as close to your ear as possible. You should feel much more soothed and be able to make it through your day reasonably well.

7. Bleeding

Got cut? An onion’s skin will help keep the bleeding down. Hold it down and see how it suppresses the bleeding. This method is far better than having to use an abundance of tissues to stop the bleeding.

8. Throat pain

If you have a swollen or scratchy throat, wash your mouth out with onion water. Spit it out when you’ve rinsed and see how much better your throat feels. If you can swallow without struggle, you can tell that the onion is doing its job.

9. Throwing up

Drinking the juice of an onion can help suppress your urge to vomit. In small doses, it can really give your stomach a break.

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