Onions Are An Amazing Natural Remedy For Common Illnesses – Here Are 12 Unexpected Uses

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Some people love onions and put them on everything, while others retch at the sight of them. Even if you don’t care for onions, you should still keep a supply in your refrigerator. Why? Because onions can have healing properties when you’re sick.

These are 12 things you can use onions for.

1. Bad cough

If a cough is getting the best of you, try this onion fix. Peel and slice an onion in half and cover the pieces in brown sugar. Wait at least 60 minutes after making this mixture to eat it. The sulfur in onions has anti-bacterial properties that kill coughs.

2. Balding

Losing hair is an unfortunate predicament, but onions might be able to help. Before shampooing, boil an onion and wash your hair with the water. This can help you retain your hair. You should be mindful of not letting the onion scent linger on your hair afterward, though.

3. Clear your chest

Does your chest regularly feel full? Mix up pieces of onion with coconut oil and spread it onto your chest. It’s a do-it-yourself ointment that can really help clear you out. If you do it properly and often enough, you’ll be able to inhale and exhale with satisfaction.

4. Relax a colic baby

Kids might not like the taste of onions, but younger ones can definitely benefit from ingesting them. If you have a colic infant, make an onion tea. Let it cool before straining it, and give them a teaspoon every hour until they’re calm.

5. Bug bite remedy

The itchiness of a bug bite can be alleviated through an onion. You just need to put a bit of onion on the bite. After you’ve done this, take note to see if the itchiness has gone down at all.

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