Lego Hacks – 5 Superb DIY Organizing Ideas From Lego

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Do you have Lego? This popular toy is colorful and you can even use it more than to train your creativity. In fact, you can make anything from Lego. Whether you want to make a robot or V8 engine, there are unlimited ideas when it comes to this popular construction toy.
Eventually, it makes sense to use Lego for DIY organizational applications. The Lego blocks have a modular design so you can even transform it into many things.

DIY Lego Keychain + Holder

Do you always search for your keys in the morning? What will you do when you have no time to find your keys? Well, it is the time to keep up your keys and avoid the troubles. You can use Lego to create this quirky way. Now, your keys have the best place you can find. If you do not mind to drill your Lego piece, you can use number 3176 to complete this project.


If your indoor garden is getting overgrown, make yourself some customized planters to brighten your space and give your plants some breathing room.

DIY Lego Cable Holder

What you need is to attach the mini-figure to a magnet. Other than that, you can use some adhesive wall to organize the messy charger cables in your room.

Key Chains

Now that you’ve got a special spot to put your keys, you need the perfect keychain to keep your keyring exactly where you want it.

DIY Lego Kitchenware

It is unbelievable that you can use Lego blocks to make candy dishes, decorative vases, and fruit bowls. As you can see here that you can make a napkin holder with the shape of Brooklyn Bridge. Cool, isn’t it?

There are a lot of projects from Lego blocks that will be the conversational piece to your home. Just explore more and use your creativity.