Important Gear To Backpack To Torres Del Paine

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You are lucky if you have enough time to spend and to travel through Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia. The backpacking adventure will be unforgettable, especially when you include Torres del Paine in your travel list. It is the highlight with the glacial lakes, touring mountains. It is important to deal with all the weather conditions and always be ready. In fact, the weather on this site is always changing. Even in a single day, you can backpack in snowy, sunny, or windy condition. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you bring all backpacking gear that can help you navigate the weather changing in this remote region.

Clif Bar Kit’s Organic

This is our favorite we can suggest if you have to deal with the long hikes. Yes, the site there offers long hikes and therefore, you will need a snack that will increase your energy without loading your body with the artificial ingredients. The Kit Organic bars are what you must pack and bring a few in your bag. If you have other favorite snacks, you should stock up your bag right before you head to the Torres del Paine. Of course, we don’t suggest you buy snacks in the park. You will get mad seeing the price tag.
On long hikes, I’m looking for a snack that keeps my energy levels up and isn’t loaded down with artificial ingredients. That’s why I always pack a few of the Kit Organic bars in my bag. Whatever your favorite snack, definitely stock up before you get into Torres del Paine. There is crazy price inflation if you try to buy anything in the park.
Clif Bar Kit’s Organic

The Sleeping Pad

Whether you are going to buy a new sleeping pad or to borrow your friend, it is all about bringing a comfortable sleeping pad. Just make sure that the sleeping pad you bring is quite a warm and make you feel comfortable when you are sleeping in the wildlife.


When it comes to a backpack, this is about a personal choice. Therefore, if you confused about the best backpack to use, it is not about the brand or the cool design. It should fit on you, provide you enough comfort with some features you will need. For example, we think that a perfect backpack is affordable and comfortable even if you have to go hiking for 15-mile. After that, you should pack essentials and layers for your trip.


Do you always backpack without bringing a headlamp? For most hikers, this is the important item to pack into their bag, just like us. This is so important with several modes to offer such as red night-vision. You will need a headlamp in case you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night while checking if there are any pumas outside of your tent.

Quick Dry Shorts

Hiking looks great if you wear shorts especially if it is raining. This is good to reduce the weight down because of the wet fabric. If you want to hike comfortably in the pouring rain, we recommend you to choose quick dry shorts to deal with rain or sun.
Quick Dry Shorts


This is also a nice item to bring whenever you start your backpacking trip. Use the tripod to help you shoot at night, in the low light or in the longer exposure. There are some great tripod brands that offer you some models to fit your needs. If we have to say, it is good to choose a tripod with the lightweight design but still can handle your DSLR.


Bring a tripod and it means to bring the camera, too. A camera that can work at the high ISO with the tough design is great for photographs, landscapes, stars, and shooting action. If you don’t mind to deal with the weight, you should always bring the best camera to complete your adventure.

Camera Lenses

Even many hikers brought few lenses to Patagonia since they are spending 75% of their time on their camera. It seems great to change the lenses and bring a versatile camera to get the best shots of your backpacking trails.

Camera Clip

Hiking in Patagonia makes you have to bring your camera and all accessories to help you in capture the beautiful scenery in the entire corner. Gladly, you can use the camera clip so you can keep your camera accessible without wasting your time finding your camera inside your bag.

Camera Shell

With the weather changes in Patagonia, it is important to make sure that you bring camera shell. It can be warm or sunny in a minute and after that, you need to walk in the pouring rain for the next trail. The camera shell makes you still able to keep your camera out in all conditions without damaging the camera.

A Tent: 2-Person 3-Season

Choose a lightweight tent that can deal with the wind and go with enough space for you as well as your hiking buddy.

A Solar Watch

For the outdoor enthusiasts, it is a must to use a solar-powered watch. This watch has a good looking that should not leave your wrist whether you are hiking in the mountains or at home.

Hiking Boot

Hiking boots should be comfortable, support you to hike, and easy on the eye. Make sure that you buy durable hiking boots so you can wear them to backpack in different continents without having any troubles.


If you love to pack light, you will need some t-shirt that is moisture wicking. It is great to bring t-shirts that will not smell after a few days on the trek. It is possible to find these t-shirts even at the affordable price with the special pocket to help you pack the t-shirts easily.

Backpack Jacket

Backpacking in Patagonia with the unpredictable weather changes mean that you need to bring the right jacket. You will need a lightweight waterproof jacket that will keep you dry to deal with the rain and snow at this site. Best of all, the jacket should be able to dry super quickly.
Backpack Jacket


Once the sun goes down, the temperature in Patagonia will drop immediately that you should wear a beanie while you are sleeping. We also recommend this item for all hikers who want to hike in pre-dawn. Make sure that you are choosing the right beanie to keep you warm and comfortable when the crazy wind keeps hitting in the trail.

Sleeping Bag

The last thing to consider is bringing the sleeping bag. You will need a comfortable, warm and lightweight sleeping bag that will not add too many pounds to your bag.
Sleeping Bag