How to Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating

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It is funny to see a video of eating competition between German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. There is a huge difference in speed when it comes to eating the competition. Some dogs do not mind to enjoy each piece of food that takes a few minutes to complete. On the other hands, they can clean their food bowls in just a few seconds.
Why some dogs can eat so fast? The answer is because of the feeling of competition. They worry if others take the food so they have nothing left and do not get to it first. In addition, it is possible if some dogs eat fast because they have medical conditions or treatments. Another reason why some dogs eat so fast is that of their excitements. If you have some dogs at home and one of them is quite fast to eat, it is better to separate them for the mealtime. This way is better to cut down the feeling of competition.
So, what should you do if your dog is eating so fast? Is it something good or bad?
Unfortunately, eating so fast in dogs can be dangerous for their health. Fast eating will lead to stomach upset, choking, gagging, vomiting, and even a life-threatening condition named bloat. If you have a big concern on how fast your dogs are eating, there are few things to do to help them reduce their speed so they do not mind to slow they’re eating down. Here are the three ways on how to slow down the dog’s eating.
Use Food Dispensing Toys

Use Food Dispensing Toys

It is an awesome method to keep your dog stimulated mentally. In addition, it has an additional benefit when it comes to feeding your fast-eating dog. The toys are able to stop their habit to scarf down the food. The toys are also popular as treat dispensers that only can let one to two pieces of food come out at a time.
You can fill up the dispensers, use, wash, and then reuse the toys in the next day. It is better to choose the dispensers with an adjustable hole. Let your dogs roll it around so the food will start to spill out from the hole.
If you put their food in their bowl, your dogs may only take 30 seconds to empty the bowl. Meanwhile, using the dispensers can make them spend about 10 minutes to finish their dinner. Therefore, it is an effective solution to slow down their eating. The best part of the dinner is that they can enjoy it. It is like eating while playing so that it is full of fun for most dogs.
Another thing to consider when you are about buying a treat dispenser for your dogs is whether or not it is going to be tough enough for the dogs. Some of them are from soft plastic that is not durable if your dogs are the real big chewer. Also, you need to consider whether your dog’s food can fit the hole or choose the adjustable ones. Do not forget to think about buying the dispensers that are easy to wash or dishwasher safe. These things are important to consider so you can get ones that meet your needs.
Buy or Create Slow Feeder Bowl

Buy or Create Slow Feeder Bowl

Many dogs can eat fast and if you doubt about how common it is, it is better to check out some slow feeder bowls on the online stores. You can find many options from shapes, size, and designs. Most of them are available with ridges inside so that it can be hard for your dogs to gulp down the food.
If you want to find the low effort and quick way to slow down their eating, it is better to go with a slow feeder bowl. Fill it with their food as usual and the bowl will do the task. The raised ridges work as obstructions so they can slow down your dogs’ eating.
How to choose the right slow feeder bowl for your dog?
Keep in mind that some are available with more complex compared to others. It depends on how fast your dogs love to eat and how good they are able to solve puzzles so you want to choose for a more complex design. For example, a bowl with three solid raised ridges in the center cannot slow down your dog as one as with the more complex maze design. If you love DIY craft, we recommend you to feed your dog from muffin tin. Start spreading their food out between each of the holes to slow down their eating habit. If they have no change, make it more challenging by adding some tennis balls on the top.
Buy or Create Slow Feeder Bowl

Mealtime For Gaming or Training Time

So, you have some additional minutes during their mealtime. In this condition, it is good to slow down their eating by turning mealtime for gaming or training period. What you should do is to measure out their meals as normal. After that, set it aside for the training sessions.
For example, you can play games with your dogs like playing find the treats or nose work. Your dogs should be in a stay position. You must go around the house to hide the pieces of their food. Once you have hidden all the food, tell your dogs to find the treats. In addition, you can encourage your dogs by praising them if they can find the treats.
Another way to slow down their eating is using the dogs’ food as the reward in training period. You can do some cool new tricks with your dogs like brushing up on the basics or weaving through legs. After that, you can use their food as the reward to slow down their eating, to stimulate their confidence, and to stimulate their minds. Doing this will also improve their focus.
So, do you think that your dogs are quite fast to finish their meals? What things you always do to reduce their eating speed? Do these techniques are effective to your dogs?
Mealtime For Gaming or Training Time