How To Make Energy-Saving DIY Air Conditioner

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Do you have any problems when you use air conditioning at home? The contemporary systems are effective, but you have to admit that AC needs to work more to create the comfortable environment during the summer, but the windows can be the next problem since it prevents heat from going out. To deal with this issue, the systems work less effective. Using AC during the summer will only waste your money and waste energy. So, what is the solution? You can check out at Desert Sun, they have created the DIY solution with the use of simple tools. They also use the inexpensive materials to make five-gallon DIY AC from scratch.

So, What Are the benefits of DIY Air Conditioner?

Well, we have already explained that it is not going to become effective if you turn on all air conditioners in your home during the summer. Therefore, this is the time to try DIY AC. Why?
First, it can help you save your money, at least in the summer. You can imagine that you can reduce the electricity bills by adding this AC to your home. In addition, the AC is possible to save energy. It is because these AC options are possible to work with solar power.
The next interesting thing about this DIY air conditioner is the portability. It is movable so you can move it from one room to another. Of course, this is great. Whether you live alone or in small flats, this DIY air conditioner is the real solution to prevent from wasting energy and money.

All Things You Should Know More About DIY Air Conditioner

Where can I buy a Styrofoam bucket sleeve?
The bucket sleeve fits just inside the five- gallon outer shell and can be sourced from Walmart. If you want to optimize the performance of your air-con and purchase an exact fit, however, the BrassPro Shop is your best port of call.
Is it necessary to use a Milk Gallon?
No, as any metal or plastic container will suffice. In fact, metal containers such as coffee cans may be more effective, as they transmit the cold air better than plastic jugs.

How long does a solar-powered air conditioner last?
If you do decide to power your fan-assisted air conditioner with a solar panel, you can expect your device to work for up to five hours (depending on your precise location and the level of sunlight).
What impact can the air conditioner have on temperature and air-flow?
There is no fixed rule for this, but your DIY device may reduce the temperature of the air of your home by approximately 40 degrees. You will also notice an improvement in the quality of air-flow, particularly if you use three or more equal segments of PVC pipe.