How To Get To Jennie Lake For Beginner Backpackers And Hikers

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Location: Jennie Lake Trail, Idaho, Boise County, Idaho, United States
For all the dog owners, this is recommended place to visit. Here, you can even off leash your well-behaved dogs. Don’t you think that this is awesome? You can even use the existing fire pits near the lake. Usually, other backpackers are around that can be your advantage if you are not ready yet to enter the expansive wilderness in Idaho with your own group or family. This place also offers a 9-mile of roundtrip with 1950 feet of elevation gain.
In addition, this is one of the best options for beginner to hiking closest to Boise. Therefore, you can hike to Jennie Lake for an overnight backpack or for an out-and-back day hike. What the place offers is the secluded ambiance especially around the lake and the breezy cool mountain through the pines.
How To Get To Jennie Lake

How To Get To Jennie Lake

The starting point to Jennie Lake trailhead is by heading north on highway 21 especially from Boise and then past Idaho City before Lowman. You will need about 10 to 15 miles after the Idaho City and there are clear signs of Whoop-Um-Up recreation area after you turn right onto 384 and then take the fork left by heading to 348. The road is well-maintained that even suitable for a most sedan but we don’t recommend for a Prius. Take 7 miles and you should find a sign that tells you “Jennie Lake Trail”. If you use Google Maps, you should find “Jennie Lake Trailhead” that will help you to navigate the exact direction to the trailhead with five to six car gravel parking.
At that point, the trail is obvious with the starting point 5,900 feet and ascent to the entire way of the lake. We recommend you to plan for three to four hours for the ascent over the well signed, dirt and gravel trail that require 4 1/2 miles. You will find the wildflowers, deer, pine, a mint field, and the small river.
The Pack List To Jennie Lake

The Pack List To Jennie Lake

If you have the plan to head to Jennie Lake, it depends on your need. Of course, if you do day hiking and overnight backpacking, the items to bring are different as below:

For day hiking:

Daypack with 18 to 24 L, light jacket, trail shoes or hiking boots, water, camera, and bug spray in summer

For Overnight backpacking:

Hiking boots, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad or pillow, rations or dishes or stove, water or water purifier, bug spray, light jacket, lantern or headlamp, book, camera, one or two friends, pack out what you pack in and leave no trace.
The Best Activities In Jennie Lake

The Best Activities In Jennie Lake

If you are a beginner, Jennie Lake can be the best destination to visit. There, you can do camping, photography, fishing, backpacking, and hiking. The best season to visit this place is in summer or autumn. It is the ideal place for all hikers who want to find dog-friendly, family-friendly, and easy-parking area for hiking with some beautiful views of the forest, lake, river, wildlife, and wildflowers.

More Interesting Facts about Jennie Lake

We gain these facts from the experienced hikers who have visited the trail and shared their story to us:

  • The wildflower in this area is so beautiful with the great to offer. If you expect not to see any animals, you should hike in the middle of the day. Nevertheless, it is better not to consider it an easy hike. Even though you have a plan to do a day hike, you can be exhausted to reach the lake. Of course, if you hike a lot, the trail is not a big deal.
  • You can hike on the night and it is still beautiful. Even though the lake is pretty, you may not consider swimming in since the lake floor is nasty. The fish there do not bite at all. It would be better if you also climb the wolf peak.
  • Hiking at the end of October in this trail is possible for beginners because the trail is not rough at all. Nevertheless, if you pack heavy packs, you may feel that the trail is so long. You can take even more than 3 hours with 2 breaks and 1.5 hours to back down. At the beginning of the trail, the little hills are steeper and the trail is going up gradually. The rest of the way flattens. Even though the trail has 6-inch of snow, it is still easy to access. Hiking in the winter can be challenging because the lake is freezing at night if you camp out. The wood is very wet that it is hard to make a fire to keep going.
  • Take your two well-behaved dogs to hike here and you will never regret. If you are lucky, you will enjoy the beautiful view with the leaves changing their colors. Even though you go two hours before the sunset, you can still enjoy the good hike. Just make sure that you are ready to get tired because the way back is quite all uphill.
  • You can try to go and do an overnight backpacking trip at the beginning of June and that is quite early, but the hike is still beautiful with several feet of snow at the lake.
  • This place is great to hike and camp with many different types and terrain that are ready to challenge you. If you go there when the lake is about 2/3 frozen still the trail has the few snow patches. It is worth your time and sweat if you spend your night there, but you must bring the bug spray. If you visit this place at the end of June, there should be no problem with mosquitoes. Nevertheless, you should still bring other pesky insects. The trail will get a little hard if you go near the top but the good distance is the good payoff for your adventure.

More Interesting Facts about Jennie Lake
So, are you ready to include this place to your travel list? We are sure you should! Those are all things you should know if you want to travel to United States.