How to Get Rid of Your Stuffy Nose in Just 15 Minutes

Anyone who has ever had a stuffy nose will agree that it’s better to get rid of this feeling as soon as possible.

We collected some tips on how to do it quickly with long-lasting effects.

6. Massage the point between your eyebrows.

How to Get Rid of Your Stuffy Nose in Just 15 Minutes

Massage it gently but confidently for a minute.

This massage influences the nasal mucosa:

  • it prevents the dryness and inflammation of the sinuses;
  • it has a preventive effect;
  • it reduces pressure in the frontal sinuses.

5. Massage the nasal sinuses.

How to Get Rid of Your Stuffy Nose in Just 15 Minutes

Make circular movements in the area of the wings of your nose for 1-2 minutes with your index and middle fingers, gently pushing. This procedure will help to open the nasal passages, and it will be much easier to blow your nose.

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