How To Get Rid Of Brown Leaves In Your Houseplants

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Do you love plants? Have you found a problem with your plants? Is the problem your leaves’ plants turning brown on tips? Do you know what the cause of your plants’ problem is?  How is the way to fix it? Having plants in your home or around it is a good habit even it can make your house beautiful and feel fresher. But, when the tip leaves of the plants turning brown, it will be a problem that you should fix as soon as possible before your plants die. There are some causes why your tip leaves’ plants turning brown.

How To Remove Brown Leaves

When you have brown leaves in the tip of your plant, do you know how the right way to remove it? Here are the ways to remove the brown leaves in your plants.
Think! Should you remove all the part of the leave or not
To decide are you need to remove all the part of the leaves or not is by seeing the leaves itself. When most the part of leaves is brown, you can remove all the part of leave by cutting or pick it away from the plant. But if it only in the small part of the leaves like the tip leaves, you only need to take you scissor, take your sharpest scissor. Sharp scissor is needed because sharp scissor can minimize cell damage when you cut the leaves. This action will help the plant to cure itself with lower energy after you cut it. Cut the brown leaves part.
Remember do not cut all the part of brown leaves. You must leave a little part of the brown leaves. This action is needed to avoid your plant get an injury which can make all part of the leaves that you cut become brown.
Change the brown leaves be a compos.
Do not throw away the cutting brown leaves on the trash can. But, put the cutting brown leaves in the soil of the plants. It will change the brown leaves become compost. Rather than throwing it away, it will better if we take its’ benefits by changing become compos right?
Fix your plants’ main problem
You will always find the brown leaves in your plants if you do not fix the problem. After removing the brown leaves, you need to fix the problem. There are some causes that can cause your leaves turning brown. Know it then fix it. We will discuss it later. 6. Have your leaves’ plant a hole and brown spot?Do you see holes or brown spot in your leaves beside the brown tip leaves? Maybe it caused by insects.  You need to check its’ soil and the bottom of the leaves to make sure.
How To Remove Brown Leaves

Knowing The Cause

When you have that problem above, the first thing that you should do is you must know what the cause is. As I told before, that there is some cause of the brown tip leaves’ plants. They are lack of water or not humidity enough, lack of sunlight, and too much water. You must know which one is the cause of your plants’ problem so that you can fix the problem. Because different cause different the way to fix it.
Knowing The Cause

How To Fix The Problem

Lack of water or not moist enough? If you find that your plants’ problem is caused by the lack of water or having not humidity enough, then you must make your plants have enough humidity. As you know that most houseplants need humidity with fluctuates between 60 to 90 percents. It caused most of the houseplants especially indoor plants are from a tropical location. So, when the humidity is not high enough it can make your tip plants turning brown. And you must know that in the winter even you make your house heated; the humidity often can fall below 15 percents.
How To Fix The Problem
But, you do not need to worry, there are some ways to fix your problems as below:
1.  By using a humidifier
This is the reliable way especially if your house has dry air. You only need to gather all the plants in groups to raise their humidity near with the cluster.
2. Putting the plants on a shallow tray with a bed of pebbles
This way can help to increase your plants’ humidity when water evaporates from the tray. Okay, in this way you only need to give water until below of the surface pebbles. Remember that, never put your lovely plants sit in the water directly. For the tray itself, you can use special humidity tray even small cell ice cube tray. Just choose which one do you like. But you should fill the tray if you use small ice cube tray.
3. Lack of sunlight
You need to know that each plants eve indoor plants have different sunlight need. So, you need to know what kind of plants that you have in your house? Are belong to shade plants, half shade plants, plants which like much sunlight or plants which need direct sunlight? You only need to know your plants’ kind and make sure that your plants are in the right place that can fill their sunlight need, such as shade plant. You can place your lovely plants near or on a window facing east or west.
4. Have too much water
Lack of water is not only the cause of your tip leaves’ plants turning brown but giving too much water to your plants are also can cause it. So, the right things that you must do, know how much water that your plants need then give your plants water as much as they need.
Now, you know how to fix your brown leaves plants’ problem that you found. Now is your time to apply it to your plants and find the roots of the problems and get rid of the cause first. Keep in mind to always check and keep all your lovely plants in health. Hope you can fix all your plants’ problem and keep planting!
How To Fix The Problem