Holding Hand Gestures Reveal What Type Of Relationship You Share With Your Partner

When we are in love, most of us love to hold hands of our partner. But, have you ever wondered what your hold could convey about your relationship? In fact, did you even know that the way you and your partner hold each other ’s could tell what is going on in the person’s mind? Well, all this is true and we can indeed find out some important things about our relationship by the way we hold hands of our partner. Not holding hands also reveals a big secret! Read on to know to find out what your particular hold says about you and your partner:

One finger-hold

This type of hold means that you and your partner value your independence. You do feel that your partner is important to you, but you also respect each other’s privacy and space. It may also suggest that one or both the partners have started to feel that they may want to get back to their friendship stage, instead of being in a full-fledged relationship.

One finger-hold

When you hold hands with your palms facing downwards

When you hold hands of your partner with the palms facing downwards, it means that your relationship is actually based on affection and not passion. Whichever partner’s palm faces downward has a stronger personality than the other one. This person takes initiatives, as well as the decisions of the relationship.

hold hands with your palms

The interlocking of fingers

Holding hands in this manner symbolize that the couple has a very strong connection. You both share a very passionate relationship and are quite serious about each other.

interlocking of fingers

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