Here are 10 fascinating Revolutionary War landmarks across America

Graeme Park | Horsham, Pa.

Located less than an hour outside downtown Philadelphia, Graeme Park is a 42-acre historic park and estate. On the property stands the Keith House, almost completely unchanged since the late 18th century. Visitors can enjoy the grounds, streams, ponds, gardens, trails and wildlife for free and, for a small fee, tour the house.

Springfield Armory National Historic Site | Springfield, Mass.

The Springfield Armory was responsible for manufacturing and storing weapons and ammunition during the Revolutionary War

The Springfield Armory in Massachusetts is a great day trip for history lovers in Boston, Hartford or Albany. Created in 1777, the armory served as the Continental Army’s first and main arsenal, responsible for manufacturing and storing ammunition and weapons, until it was closed in 1968.

In the 1970s, the site became a National Historic Site run by the National Parks Service. Today, visitors can explore the grounds, tour the historic arms collection and participate in interpretive guided tours for free.

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