20+ Genius Mountain Bike Hacks From The Experts You Should Know About

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Tired of dirty lenses? Always forgetting your tools when you ride? Luckily for you, Doddy is here with some hacks to improve your riding life!
A lot of people work on their bikes upside down like this, but sometimes it’s hard to get to shifters and things on the handlebars. Use two pieces of wood, or bricks to give yourself another few inches of clearance. It’s no work stand, but it gets the job done. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know how to stand their bike up on a curb or log. Just kick the pedal backwards and the drivetrain will hold it in place. Put the pedal forwards and the bike won’t stay up.
Going on a mountain bike ride isn’t always easy if you have a lot equipment or the weather is against you. Mountain bikers of all experience levels can likely name a time they encountered a mechanical problem off the grid.
Whether its storing your goggles, keeping your feet dry or setting up your GoPro, Scotty has got some excellent hacks for you try next time you go riding. Going on a mountain bike ride isn’t always easy if you have a lot equipment or the weather is against you. But hopefully these hacks will be able to help you out next time you go for a ride. Easy or cheap mountain bike hacks that you can do to help you keep your bike running sweet or to help you in an emergency.

Custom, Recycled Mud Guards

Recycled Mud Guards
You can make a mud guard out of any sheet of plastic. Not only are you saving money, but you’re also recycling.

Cut Old Bar Grips To Use As Fork Stanchion Protectors When Traveling

cut old bar
Cleaning and oiling your stanchions after every ride will help you get rid of dirt and increase their longevity.

Ride Out with a Broken Rear Shift Cable

If your rear shift cable breaks, the sudden lack of tension will cause the derailleur to move to the hardest gear, where you’ll be stuck. Assuming you don’t have a spare cable on hand, there’s a quick, temporary fix. Just tighten the high limit screw (usually marked with an “H”) to force the derailleur into an easier gear. Then hold your rear wheel off the ground and cycle the cranks a few times to allow the chain to move up the cassette. Now you can ride back to the trailhead with ease.

Run Your Garage Like a Bike Shop

Garage Like a Bike Shop
For those that have multiple bikes or share space with other riders, this can keep things extremely organized. Write out work orders to keep track of what needs fixing and attach the slips to each bike.

Flatten The Rounded End of a Standard Socket

Flatten The Rounded End of a Standard Socket
Doing this will prevent that socket from slipping off the top cap on suspension forks. Square-off the edges using a grinder, giving you maximum grip on shallow top caps.

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