Gardening Tropical Plants Hacks In Cold Climate

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Tropical plant and also cold-tolerant plants can work in any climate. If you wonder how to create a beautiful garden in the cold climate, spend a little time to read this post. Here are the steps on how to plant them in any climate:

Big and Bright

With the presence of big leaves and the bright colors, they are enough to tell your neighbors about tropical garden. These plants can even highlight your back yard. To start, you will need some plants like sweet potato vine, lantana, hosta, croton, and annual vinca.
The Jungle Look

The Jungle Look

The best part of tropical garden is that they can grow fast. That is the reason why the garden looks full and lush. By creating a jungle effect, of course, the real matter is about overpowering if it is not tamed. At this point, it is good to provide something that can reduce the intense plantings. To do so, work from the visual and physical relief such as adding a path.

Shrimp Plants

Justicia Brandegeeana is the delightful addition to your garden landscape especially for the warmest climates. Beside, you can grow it as the indoor or greenhouse plants. The plant has long lasting flowers and they are remarkable.
Shrimp Plants

Up and at Them

The tropical hibiscus or H. rosa-sinensis looks beautiful when it gets into the treeform standard tower above the lily of Nile or Agapanthus and Brazilian Begonia in the corner vignette. The plant looks beautiful even though the location is not a tropical spot, especially for the addition of the blue spruce. This can be a nice idea when you know that these plants can tolerate overwintered indoors in the cold climates.

Plant Bananas

Nothing can match bananas when it comes to tropical garden. We glad that there are the smaller version of bananas like Dwarf Red banana (Musa). It is unbelievable that you can grow the plant as the container plants and then whisk to shelter when the cold temperatures are the things to deal with. Eventually, some gardeners in the northern area simply overwinter the root structures.
Plant Bananas

Adding Passionflower

So, it is the real vigorous climber with the impressive look, thanks to its gorgeous flowers and its colorful fruits. Some of them are true tropicals and others are overwinter in the garden, even down to Zone 6. All of them can create a beautiful look of tropical garden.

Always Go With The Big Leaves

What things to know before planting tropical garden? To reveal about the true tropical look, it is not about the vivid and unique flowers. That is not the real highlight. The best way to create the tropical effect is from all plants with the big leaves like Gunnera above your small pond or bananas. In fact, you can plant bananas and this plant can be overwintered even in the attached garage. On the other hands, gunnera can tolerate to live down to Zone 7.

Don’t Go Too Fast

Well, we recommend you not to jump to conclusions. Tricyrtis hirta or toad lily is the fetching little flower and it is not a tropical plant at all. It just looks like tropical but it grows in Zones 4 to 9. The plant has spotted flowers that will appear in the end of summer and in the beginning of fall. At that time, the bloom of flower power is amazing.

Multi Color

It is amazing if you grow plants that are so quiet but happy to live together. When you plant them, they blast into the stratosphere with the multifaceted look. Coleus and Croton for example, will entertain you with their foliage and then add bromeliad that will highlight your garden with the flowers, while the ornamental peppers will show you their best fruit. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Pulling Heartstrings

For anyone who has a big concern only on flowers, obviously they should add caladium to their garden. It looks colorful with the lovely look especially for the heart-shaped foliage. It is also the tropical plant from the regions of South America. The plant has tuberous roots that can overwintered indoors right when it is dormant.


It also looks beautiful when you add a bromeliad to your garden and include it in a group, but actually it is able to stand on its own beauty. In fact, many gardeners do not mind to grow the plant happily as the indoor plant. In fact, the plant also loves the warm summers outdoor as well. So, the main key is to provide the regular watering and drain bark mix rapidly.

The Flowers That Will Steal Your Attention

Plant like fuchsia, you know that the plant is able to take a lot of attention. It is more than just a plant with the vivid color. In fact, the flowers go with the unique nodding shapes that can grow in Zones 9 to 11. Besides, fuchsias are also the annual plants that can grow in the colder climates.

Bold Yet Small

Alocasia or the elephant’s ears actually is not a large plant as you think. In fact, the height of the plant is about 15 feet. But there are some smaller varieties like Frydek Alocasia that you can even grow them as the tabletop decoration with the height only about 2 to 3 feet.


Hibiscus is the synonym of tropical with its large and bold flowers. Tropical hibiscus and rose mallow can complete your tropical garden. In addition, tropical hibiscus can be overwintered when you decide to add it as your houseplant.

Unexpected Colors

It is something usual to find less-maintenance garden plant with silver and purple-infused foliage. Well, it is known as Persian shield or Strobilanthes dyeranus. It grows in zones 11 to 12 as annual plants.

The Entire Attraction

So, if you want to create a tropical garden, you should hit all the notes properly like the height, the drama from the Japanese banana, the colors from the bellflower, lantana, Lily of the Nile, rosemary, and confederate jasmine.
The Entire Attraction
So, do you have a tropical garden? What plants you have grown there?