Essential Travel Hacks That Everyone Will Wish They Knew About Sooner

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Traveling is a truly exceptional experience. There is no other way to get a better understanding of the world than to explore it and the people who live in it. However, traveling can also be a real headache. From figuring out how to pack your favorite pair of running shoes to air sickness, it’s like the hassles can almost outweigh the excitement of the journey. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Travel is not just about any one facet. It’s a careful choreography of the ground transportation, airport, airline, bus, cruise, rail, ferry and car rental experiences. Lack of essential knowledge in any of these areas makes for a not so great travel experience. What’s the point of getting a low airfare, but sitting at the gate with everyone else, when you could be relaxing in the airline/airport lounge if you had the knowhow? Or, arriving at your hotel at 8 a.m. and having to wait until 3 p.m. to check into your room as you don’t know how to get early check-in? Or flying in Economy class when you could be sitting in First class, because you don’t know how to ensure that you stand a chance at getting an upgrade? Hopefully, these travel hacks will fix this.
Knowing how to capitalize on the different aspects of the travel experience takes time, effort and knowledge. If you are knowledgeable about travel, it makes a very big difference in the experience you will have on your journey. For me, it’s all about the journey not the destination, so I take great care in ensuring that I have a pleasant experience each time I travel.
Yup, you read that right – call us optimistic, call us deluded, call us arrogant, call us whatever you like, but what we have for you here are all the travel hacks you’ll ever need; from ensuring you never miss a flight to finding your own personal omnipresent guide, from making sure your electronics are always working to weaselling yourself a little VIP treatment, it’s all here. Here are 8 travel hacks you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

1. Never pay for water at the airport

Things have got rather strict with bottles of liquid recently. Doesn’t matter whether it looks as if the seal been tampered with or not, a bottle with liquid in it is a no go. So, instead of bringing a full bottle, bring an empty bottle to the airport and refill it after you’ve passed through security.

2. Turn on ‘Private Browsing’ for cheaper flights online

Airlines and travel sites can record your visits by installing cookies on your browser, which can cause the prices you’re shown to rise simply because you’ve searched for those flights before. This is to trick you into buying your flights sooner and encourage impulse buying, the cheeky beggars! Avoid it by switching to ‘Private Browsing’ whenever you book flights.

3. Roll your clothes for more space

One of the most simple but effective travel hacks there is. Rather than folding your clothes, roll them up into a little tube. This will save a ton of space and stop creases and wrinkles – all in all, pretty sweet!

4. Charge your electronics through a TV

Lost or forgotten your wall plug for your charger? No worries, most modern TVs have a USB connector on the back or side. Simply plug in your electrical device and watch that little battery icon charge.

5. Use Packing Cubes

We wondered what we ever did without them. These little zipper cubes have saved us a lot of space (and frustration) when searching through our bags for something we need. They not only keep everything organized, but they really compress down your clothes, which allows you to pack more items.
A little bonus hack here, make sure you roll your clothes inside of the cubes, rather than folding them as you’ll save a lot of extra space.

6.Emergency cash

If you’re traveling abroad, you ought to make sure that you have plenty of emergency cash. Using something like an old ChapStick container can be a great way to store cash in a place no one would think to look.

7. Always travel with your passport even for domestic travel

If your airline has to reroute you, you can give them an international option. This may give you more miles towards frequent flier elite status. As an example, you could connect from Los Angeles to Mexico to say Houston if you have to be routed. No passport means you have to be on standby for a flight that goes via the U.S. only.

8.Maps hacks

If you use Google Maps when you travel (like so many folks out there) and you’re heading to an area without a signal or WiFi, simply type “ok maps” into your search bar to save the map of the currently displayed area.