Essential Tips To Explore Squamish Via Ferrata

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Turn the corner and see the giant staples along the granite. It is a jaw-dropping experience that you are about climbing the rungs. Take a deep breath and move your clips onto the steel cable. Now your turn and start your ascent.

All About Via Ferrata

It is Italian which means “Iron Way”. You should go there to enjoy the outdoor adventure to take you up sheer rock walls, catwalks, and bridges with metal rungs and cable system. It is all about scrambling and rock climbing.
Well, the presence of the metal rungs will bring you back to the 19th century, the World War I. It was the best way for the Italian troops to get across in the Dolomite mountain region.
All About Via Ferrata

Controversy + Why Do It?

The biggest controversy here is about the addition of metal rungs. It is all about the environmental impact about installing the metal rungs to complete the beautiful landscapes. Of course, for all hikers, via Ferrata is one of the thrilling ways to enjoy outdoors, get a workout, and enjoy the amazing views you even cannot get just by hiking. Also, it does not need any technical skills, even not more than the moderate fitness level. It is a nice place to push away any fear of heights that beginners can even do that. Climbers can learn the skill, no crowd as well.
Eventually, after visiting this place, you can still go climbing especially if you don’t mind to explore harder routes there.
Controversy + Why Do It?

Your Setup And Technique

If you want to learn everything about the location, go with a guide. We recommend it if you never visited this place before.
If you need a refresher, it is good to secure the anchoring cable with both carabineers. Attach one carabineer at all times at least. Make sure that you do this by using one hand to move the carabineers. So, you do not get ahead of yourself or unhook by accident.
Walk the dog is a phrase that means you should hold the lanyard near the cable for all the time to prevent the carabineers rub up against the rock so you do not get tangled. Once you are going up, do hold the purse or putting the lanyard over your arm like holding a purse to make sure it does not get stuck. It does not a matter if you afraid of heights that you can use your legs. To do so, hang on tightly with your hands with the firm grip, but do not hold on so tight that will only strain your arms. Climb and use your legs, not your arm strength.
Make sure that no more than one person for two pins. Some guides there use new and regulated equipment that they can still keep this thing happens, but we only recommend you the good safety.
Pack List and Kit

Pack List and Kit

Your life depends on the proper gear. Always remember that.
Climbing Harness, Carabineers x2, helmet, gloves, layers, sturdy shoes, ice axe, and crampons if you go early or late in the season, camera, and sun protection like sunscreen or sunglasses and hat.

The Squamish Via Ferrata

This is the perfect route to know more about via Ferrata. It is straight forward that even children as young as 8 can handle it. You will get a short orientation, check your gear, and take the short hike through the trees to the Flight Deck. Your guide will demonstrate how the clip system works.
Climb rungs, cross catwalks, dance across the small bridge, and enjoy the views of Howe Sound and peaks. It takes 1.5 hours to enjoy the route and it is great for beginners. If you are afraid of height, this route offers less exposure.


After exiting the Gondola at the top, go to the main meeting point that by going to the left. Wait for 15 minutes before the tour is ready to start from the Harnessing Deck.
You will need 2 km south of Squamish to go to the Sea to Sky Gondola. The location is on the northbound side of the highway. Stay in town means you must drive past it and then U-turn back up.
Location: 36800 BC-99, Squamish, BCV0N3G0, Canada

Best Time To Visit

Summer is the best time with clear, bright sunny days and more crowded. Alternatively, go in the late spring or early fall.

Essential Tips To Explore Squamish Via Ferrata

  • It is closed during the winter. Call first and find the current season’s dates.
  • The price of Via Ferrata does not include the Gondola ticket. Make sure you purchase it as a bundle. You can go to the sea to sky summit hike if you don’t want to go with the gondola.
  • You can turn around by climbing back down, but it is scarier.
  • A private tour is great if you afraid of heights to avoid awkward situations with the other clients.
  • Booking a private tour is great for a family with young children to make sure the guide has more attention to the kids.
  • Check the current views by their webcam.
  • Use their interactive map to plan your visit at the top of the Sea To Sky Gondola.

Essential Tips To Explore Squamish Via Ferrata

Photography Tips

  • The group must stay together. You cannot have a whole lot of time to shoot. You can ask your guide to take the best photo spots and they are the most familiar with the route so you don’t waste your time.
  • Go with a wide lens with you because you cannot go too far from your group and to make you still in close proximity to everyone. You can use 35mm on full frame. It is great to use a GoPro or iPhone as well.
  • Stay in the back of the group to grab photos of views behind you and not to feel rushed.
  • Bring a strap that stays secure such as BlackRapid strap since you have to hike with both hands.
  • Shooting with a phone means you will need a wrist strap to secure it.
  • Bringing a backpack is okay but it is easier if you don’t have to bring one. Lockbox is what they provide to leave your items.